Your Ultimate Guide To Best Neighborhoods In Oaxaca

Oaxaca is full of diverse and unique neighborhoods, each with its own culture, architecture, and attractions. This guide provides an overview of some of the most popular neighborhoods in Oaxaca, ranging from the iconic Centro Historico to the picturesque Santa Maria Atzompa.

The guide will provide a brief description of each neighborhood as well as information on attractions, transportation options, and local amenities.

With this comprehensive overview, readers will be able to find a neighborhood that fits their individual needs and desires for maximum freedom.

Key Takeaways

  • Centro Historico is a distinguished neighborhood with colonial architecture and notable landmarks, making it a must-visit for its cultural and historical significance.
  • La Noria and Xochimilco Park offer a vibrant neighborhood with historical sites, a variety of shops and dining options, and a peaceful park with outdoor activities.
  • San Felipe del Agua is a popular recreational area with activities like swimming and hiking, as well as historical sites like the ruins of Monte Alban.
  • Santa Maria Atzompa is known for its artisanal pottery and offers a glimpse into the town’s long history, with workshops and monuments dedicated to freedom fighters.

Centro Historico

Centro Historico is a distinguished neighborhood in Oaxaca, Mexico that includes several notable landmarks. This historic district is renowned for its colonial architecture and the grandeur of its churches, plazas, and monasteries. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 and has been carefully preserved for centuries.

The area also contains traditional markets selling Mexican handicrafts, restaurants serving local cuisine, art galleries showcasing regional artwork, and many other attractions that make it an ideal destination for those yearning for freedom.

Centro Historico offers an unforgettable experience with its unique history and culture.

La Noria

Located in the south of Oaxaca City, La Noria is a vibrant neighborhood with a variety of cultural attractions. It is known for its historical sites, including two 16th century churches, and has become popular among tourists looking to explore the city’s unique heritage.

The area also features a range of shops, restaurants, and bars that provide plenty of entertainment options. The nearby Xochimilco Park offers outdoor activities such as walking trails and swimming pools for those who want to enjoy the outdoors.

La Noria’s location makes it an ideal base from which to access some of Oaxaca City’s most famous sights, such as Monte Albán and El Mitla. With its rich culture and wide range of amenities, La Noria is an excellent place for anyone looking for a memorable experience in Oaxaca City.


Xochimilco Park, located near La Noria in Oaxaca City, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. It is an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere and looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The park boasts lush grassy areas, winding trails, and ponds filled with colorful fish that can be observed from wooden bridges. Xochimilco also features several playgrounds for kids and adults alike, as well as plenty of benches for relaxing in the sun.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own food or purchase something from one of the many vendors onsite. Additionally, there are several bike rental shops nearby so people can explore this charming area at their leisure.

This tranquil setting gives locals and tourists alike the perfect place to connect with nature while still being close enough to all the amenities Oaxaca City has to offer.

San Felipe del Agua

San Felipe del Agua is a popular recreational area located in the north-eastern part of Oaxaca City. It is renowned by tourists and locals alike for its many activities, from swimming to kayaking, canopy tours and even surfing.

The community is vibrant with traditional markets, local restaurants, and art galleries that all keep the area alive. With its beautiful landscape and friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why San Felipe del Agua has become so beloved amongst those seeking a place to relax in peace and freedom.

Visitors can also explore historical sites such as the ruins of Monte Alban or take a hike along one of the many trails nearby. Whether you’re looking to have fun or just want to experience nature up close, San Felipe del Agua offers something for everyone.

Santa Maria Atzompa

Santa Maria Atzompa is a town located in the district of Xochimilco, Oaxaca and is known for its artisanal pottery. This small village has a long history that dates back to pre-colonial times and was an important population center during the Mixtec period.

While the majority of its inhabitants are engaged in farming, it also hosts a number of workshops where people craft traditional clay pots. The town’s main square features monuments dedicated to freedom fighters from different eras, as well as plazas filled with vendors selling handmade goods and food.

These merchants often use locally produced materials in their wares, ensuring that visitors have access to unique items not found anywhere else in Oaxaca. Santa Maria Atzompa’s combination of historic culture and modern amenities make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a true taste of local life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of living in each of these neighborhoods?

The cost of living in each neighborhood varies, depending on factors such as access to amenities, proximity to city centers, and property prices. It is important to research these elements before making a decision.

Are there public transportation options available in each neighborhood?

Public transportation options vary between neighborhoods in Oaxaca; some have access to buses, metro systems, and ride-sharing services, while others may only have taxis or informal transport.

What types of activities are available in each neighborhood?

The neighborhoods in Oaxaca offer a variety of activities for residents and visitors, such as outdoor recreation, cultural events, dining options, shopping centers and parks. All these locations provide an enjoyable experience for people seeking leisure activities.

What are the safety ratings of each neighborhood?

Safety ratings of neighborhoods vary and depend on the location. It is important to research and assess factors such as local crime rates, neighborhood watch programs, and police presence before making a decision.

Are there any cultural attractions in each neighborhood?

It is important to consider the cultural attractions offered in each neighborhood when choosing a place to live. Many neighborhoods boast numerous museums, theaters, and art galleries that can provide an enriching experience for all.

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