The Complete Traveler’s Guide To Best Beer In Quebec City

The city of Quebec is renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse selection of craft beer. This guide will provide travelers with an overview of the best places to sample craft beer in the area, including microbreweries, brewpubs, taprooms, local festivals, and bars.

Visitors can explore the unique flavors of regional breweries and discover why Quebec City has become a destination for beer enthusiasts around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Quebec City is home to several microbreweries that offer a wide range of craft beers, including classic ales, IPAs, lagers, barrel-aged sours, and wild ales.
  • Local brewpubs and taprooms provide a unique and intimate atmosphere for beer enthusiasts to sample a variety of craft beers, often accompanied by live music and other events.
  • Quebec City hosts popular beer festivals such as Mondial de la Biere and Festibière, where visitors can taste a diverse selection of craft beers from around the world and attend educational workshops.
  • Craft beer bars, taprooms, and retail outlets in Quebec City offer a diverse selection of locally crafted beers, allowing customers to explore different flavors and styles.

Microbreweries in Quebec City

Microbreweries have become increasingly popular in Quebec City in recent years. Offering an array of unique craft beers, these establishments are known for their flavorful varieties and dedication to quality ingredients.

One of the best microbreweries in the city is La Barberie, which has been producing top-notch beer since 1998. Its taproom serves up a selection of classic ales, IPAs and lagers alongside seasonal specials like Belgian witbier and oatmeal stout. For something truly special, visitors can try one of its barrel-aged sour beers or wild ales.

Another favorite spot is Le Trou du Diable, which offers a wide variety of Belgian-style brews as well as some interesting sours.

There’s also Les Trois Mousquetaires, whose lineup includes traditional German styles like altbier and hefeweizen alongside creative offerings such as smoked wheat or grapefruit IPA.

Whatever your taste may be, there’s bound to be an excellent beer waiting for you in Quebec City!

Local Brewpubs and Taprooms

Local brewpubs and taprooms provide an opportunity to explore a wide variety of craft beer. These establishments offer an intimate atmosphere with knowledgeable staff who can help patrons discover new beers. With no food menus or televisions, the focus is on conversation and sampling beers made in-house.

Many local brewpubs and taprooms also feature unique events such as live music, comedy, trivia nights and more that bring people together to enjoy their favorite libations. The selection of craft beer available at these establishments varies greatly from traditional styles like pale ales to experimental recipes like barrel-aged sour stouts.

It is a great way for the freedom-seeking traveler to explore different flavors and find something special that they may not have tried before.

Popular Beer Festivals in the Area

Attending popular beer festivals in the area is a great way to experience an array of craft beers. Quebec City hosts two main beer festivals, including the Mondial de la Biere and Festibière.

The Mondial de la Biere is an international festival featuring over 500 beers from more than 30 countries. It is held annually in June at the former convent of La Visitation.

On the other hand, Festibière takes place in mid-July on the grounds of L’Île d’Orléans. This festival features more than 300 local and international craft beers.

Both festivals offer attendees tastings with different styles of beer, food pairing workshops, educational seminars about brewing techniques, and live music entertainment.

As such, attending these events provides guests with a unique opportunity to explore the world of beer while having fun.

Craft Beer Bars and Taprooms

Visiting craft beer bars and taprooms in Quebec City provides an opportunity to sample a variety of locally crafted beers. These establishments offer a unique experience, allowing visitors to explore the many flavors of beer available. The city has a handful of craft breweries, with some offering seasonal varieties as well as traditional favorites. Many also feature live music and special events.

Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to savor the local brews and enjoy the atmosphere. In addition, there are numerous pubs and restaurants that serve locally made beers, providing another way to indulge in these tasty libations. Whether it’s trying something new or revisiting an old favorite, exploring all that Quebec City has to offer is sure to be rewarding for any beer enthusiast.

Where to Buy Craft Beer in Quebec City

For those interested in acquiring craft beer from Quebec City, there are numerous retail outlets providing an array of local brews. These include specialty stores, grocery stores, and even online retailers for customers looking for convenience.

Beer lovers can find local microbreweries and brewpubs offering their own seasonal creations as well as classic styles from the region. The variety of beers available makes it easy to sample different flavors from a range of breweries.

Furthermore, many shops also offer beer-tasting events and educational experiences to further enhance the appreciation of these unique beverages.

With so many options, customers have the freedom to explore and enjoy all that Quebec City has to offer in terms of craft beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to visit Quebec City for craft beer?

Quebec City is known for its craft beer scene, making it an excellent destination for those looking to explore the best of what Canada has to offer. It is recommended to visit during the summer months when bars are open and festivals are running, allowing for a greater selection of craft beers.

Are there any craft beer tours available in the city?

In Quebec City, craft beer tours are offered for visitors looking to explore the city’s craft beer selection. These tours typically feature visits to local breweries, pubs, and taprooms in the area.

What is the most popular craft beer in the city?

Craft beer in Quebec City is widely popular, with many local varieties available. Many craft breweries have gained recognition for their distinct flavors and styles. The most popular craft beer in the area is La Barberie IPA, which has won numerous awards.

Are there any age restrictions on craft beer consumption in Quebec City?

In Quebec City, craft beer consumption is restricted to those aged 18 and over. Those under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages in any form.

Are there any non-alcoholic craft beer options in Quebec City?

Yes, non-alcoholic craft beer options are available in Quebec City. These generally contain a low level of alcohol and are created using the same brewing methods as their alcoholic counterparts.

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