The Best Gifts For Men Who Travel

Every gift suggestion for guys these days seems to be basically whiskey glasses and beard oil—because that’s what all men prefer, right? Wrong. To make your Christmas shopping a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 55 of this year’s top gifts. We’re not claiming that every item on our list is a perfect fit for everyone on your Nice List this year, but we do believe we’ve gathered some of the smartest, trendiest, and possibly most surprising presents for the guy in your life this holiday season. There are no whiskey glasses or beard oil in sight, but you will find buzzworthy worldwide favorites and social media darlings, as well as unexpected treasures from little firms you may have never heard of.

For the gourmet

One of our favorite ways to travel is via food. And if you’re not quite ready to give someone a whole evening at Eleven Madison Park or a trip to Italy to experience true prosciutto di Parma right off the bone, the good news is that contemporary packing and shipping have brought some of the world’s best delicacies closer than ever. A single-origin Spice Passport brings new life to weary aircraft food. Flamingo Estate’s Instagram-famous tomato candles and olive oil feel especially appropriate for giving this holiday season. If you can’t get a table for two at Carbone, store purchased is quite OK.

For frequent flyers

Condé Nast Traveler spends a lot of time arguing, researching, testing, and re-testing the best travel accessories, baggage, and other items. Look no further for the greatest luggage to get your man this season. However, if you’re searching for something a bit different, or perhaps a little unconventional that will totally rock his travel routine for years to come, have a look at some of the suggestions below. Dr. Dennis Gross’ peel pads are a skincare cult favorite and an easy (read: dude-friendly) solution to appear rejuvenated and dewy after a red-eye flight. Small details like a lovely passport cover or a spacious leather weekender are elegant additions he’ll treasure for a lifetime. In the event of an emergency, a good old-fashioned flask will suffice.

For his wardrobe

Clothes are a difficult present to give. Everybody is different, every body is different, and a lot of guys are simply plain choosy about what they wear every day. That being said, there are a few trade secrets to keep in mind here—when presenting clothes, don’t go too huge, outré, or outrageous. The key is to choose timeless, classic pieces that will travel well, age well, and can be fashioned into any wardrobe. That’s how you wind up with a present that will fit in practically any guy’s wardrobe (or baggage). Who can resist a multipurpose, eco-friendly denim or a quarter-zip sweater made from recycled oyster shells? A quilted Barbour jacket looks just as fine in New York as it does in Yorkshire. A traditional pair of folding Persol sunglasses is equally appropriate for beach vacations as it is for ski expeditions.

For outdoor enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts are a strange group to gift for. They often have all of their most prized gear ready to go in their quiver, so this is a demographic for which you must be prepared. Gifts for outdoor enthusiasts should be the latest and greatest, with clever detailing, category-leading engineering, and unrivaled endurance. Consider a lightweight Norwegian cooler that keeps beverages chilled without the need of ice (yes, no ice), or a rechargeable glow light that also functions as a mosquito repellant. Outdoorsy types will tell you that you can never get too many puffy layer-type items (think a puffer blanket or the legendary Arc’teryx Atom Insulated Hoody), and if all else fails, you can gift them a gorgeous Stanley bottle to keep their favorite (alcoholic) beverages warm by the fire.

For the gadget enthusiast

The thing about males is that there’s a part of us that never really grows up and will always love a new toy to play with. This category is for those who enjoy the element of surprise and will appreciate a wild card gift. A great pair of travel-sized binoculars built from the world’s best optical-grade crystal? Jackpot! A wearable gadget wristband that measures how effectively (or poorly) we pump at the gym? Bingo! A bird feeder equipped with a motion-detecting camera that provides real-time updates on which winged pals are munching in your backyard? So why not?

For those who prefer to stay at home

Home presents for anyone might be difficult to choose—you really need to know the individual in order to make an informed selection. But, regardless of the recipient’s sense of style, there are some items that show you care that can be found in any home. A bespoke acrylic picture block has a lovely materiality to it in an age when images reside on our phones and are gone to the cloud forever, for example. Lovely linen sheets are always in trend. A fresh-scented candle from a tiny firm in Hudson, NY, brightens every room. When in doubt, the flourish of a magnificent Brazilian jacquard hammock adds just the proper amount of whimsy to any bachelor pad.

For the inexperienced self-care practitioner

We hate to generalize the genders, but many self-care items are largely targeted towards women, leaving the typical male in the dust! He may be unaware of the benefits of investing in a Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare routine, or how using a sauna blanket on a daily basis may assist enhance sleep and recuperation patterns, or that Athletic Greens’ hugely famous AG1 powder also comes in compact travel-sized packets for on-the-go vitamin pick-me-ups. There is an entire universe of self-care goods available! Here are some of the better ones to get him started—and sometimes all it takes is a pair of L.L.Bean “Wicked Good” sheepskin slippers.

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