River Cruise in the South of France: Avalon Waterways Review

As I set sail with Avalon Waterways for a river cruise in the South of France, I felt like a bird spreading its wings, ready to embrace the freedom of exploration.

The journey promised a captivating blend of leisure and discovery, with each port offering a new chapter of the region's rich tapestry. From the vibrant city of Lyon to the historic towns along the Rhône, the itinerary beckoned with the allure of adventure.

With a spirit of independence and a thirst for authenticity, I embarked on this voyage to uncover the treasures of the South of France.

Let's embark together on this review of my captivating experience with Avalon Waterways.

Key Takeaways

  • Well-paced trip with included excursions every morning
  • Wide range of excursion options for different interests and activity levels
  • Fresh and locally sourced ingredients used in meals
  • Avalon Waterways is committed to reducing their carbon footprint

Avalon Waterways River Cruise Itinerary

During my river cruise with Avalon Waterways, the itinerary included a well-paced trip from Lyon to Port-Saint-Louis with stops in L'Hermitage/Tournon, Viviers, Avignon, and Arles. Each morning, we'd the opportunity to join included excursions, and during the afternoons, there were optional activities available.

I particularly enjoyed the wide range of excursion options catering to different interests and activity levels, including active experiences like biking, hiking, and kayaking, as well as cultural and historical tours. One of the highlights was the opportunity for independent exploration during the free afternoons, allowing me the freedom to tailor my adventures to my preferences.

This flexibility truly enhanced my experience, ensuring that I could immerse myself in the destinations in a way that suited me best.

Avalon Waterways Ship Amenities

I found the ship amenities on Avalon Waterways' Avalon Poetry II to be exceptional, offering a range of facilities and services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable river cruise experience. With suites and staterooms spanning three levels of the ship and various lounges and dining options available, the ship provided a welcoming and well-equipped environment for guests.

The ship features a luxurious Sky Lounge, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the picturesque French countryside. Additionally, the inviting Whirlpool provides a perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding while taking in the stunning vistas along the river.

These amenities, coupled with the attentive service and comfortable accommodations, truly elevate the river cruise experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the South of France in style and comfort.

Dining Options and Sustainability on Avalon Waterways

Amidst the picturesque French countryside, I found myself relishing the diverse dining options and sustainable practices aboard Avalon Waterways' river cruise.

The dining experience on Avalon Waterways was exceptional, with menus catering to various dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients were used in meals, showcasing the best of regional cuisine. Complimentary wine and beer were available for lunch and dinner, adding to the overall dining experience.

Moreover, Avalon Waterways is committed to sustainable practices, having eliminated single-use plastics onboard, reduced paper waste by 80%, and supporting local farmers to reduce food transportation. Their dedication to reducing plastic waste is evident throughout the ship, aligning with their environmentally conscious travel values.

It was reassuring to be part of a cruise that prioritizes sustainability while offering an exquisite dining experience.

Breakfast Offerings on Avalon Waterways

As I woke up each morning on the Avalon Waterways river cruise, I looked forward to the variety of breakfast options available to kick-start my day of exploring the South of France.

The breakfast buffets were a delightful array of choices, from freshly baked pastries to a selection of fruits and cereals. There was even a chef ready to whip up eggs exactly to my liking, ensuring a personalized breakfast experience.

What's more, Avalon Waterways offers a convenient room service option for a complimentary continental breakfast, perfect for those who prefer to savor their morning meal in the comfort of their own suite.

Whether you're a fan of a hearty breakfast or prefer something lighter, the breakfast variety and the room service option make sure you start your day in the most satisfying way possible.

Avalon Waterways' Environmental Values and Initiatives

While aboard the Avalon Waterways river cruise in the South of France, one notices the company's dedication to sustainable practices and environmental values. The commitment to sustainability and plastic reduction efforts on Avalon Waterways is evident throughout the journey.


  1. Elimination of Single-Use Plastics: The company has removed single-use plastics onboard and at operations offices, and plastic bags aren't readily available on the ship.
  2. Reduced Plastic Waste: Avalon Waterways has made significant efforts to reduce their plastic waste, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.
  3. Sustainable Electricity Generation: The staff is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices, including working towards generating sustainable electricity.
  4. Environmentally Conscious Values: The company's values align with environmentally conscious travel, showcasing a genuine commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the destinations visited.

Avalon Waterways' dedication to sustainability sets a positive example for responsible travel.

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