Best 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles This Weekend 2024


Where to Go in Los Angeles This weekend, there are a few places to visit in Los Angeles where the sun brushes the horizon and palm palms sway in the wind. We will share with you our favorite places to go in Los Angeles this weekend. Let’s go!

MLK Parade Festivities

Amidst the bustle of the city, you’ll find the vibrant MLK Parade kicking off at 10 a.m. sharp, where the streets at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Anaheim Street come alive in celebration of Dr. King’s enduring legacy.

Embrace the holiday season in Los Angeles with January’s lively MLK Parade festivities, a testament to unity and progress.

Asian American Expo

Asian American Expo
Asian American Expo

Celebrating the Lunar New Year with exuberant festivities, the Asian American Expo at the Fairplex in Pomona invites you to immerse yourself in the largest cultural extravaganza of its kind in America.

Taking place this Saturday and Sunday, the convention center buzzes with life as you explore vibrant stalls hosted by emerging artists. It’s a feast for the senses, where tradition meets contemporary creativity.

Art Collecting Showcase

Art Collecting Showcase
Art Collecting Showcase

While the Asian American Expo immerses you in cultural vibrancy, the Corey Helford Gallery offers a unique opportunity to kickstart your art collection with its 10th Annual Art Collector Starter Kit event.

This art show features an eclectic group show, with affordable 12 x 12 works.

Dive into an immersive experience, from whimsical cat art to the profound depths of a one-woman show.

LACMA Culinary Journey

LACMA Culinary Journey
LACMA Culinary Journey

Embark on a flavorful odyssey with LACMA’s Culinary Journey, where you’ll join culinary historian Michael Twitty at Crafted Kitchen to unravel the spice-laden stories of diasporic communities and their impact on Southern California’s culinary scene.

This immersive museum event weaves art, history, and gastronomy, offering a taste of Los Angeles’s rich cultural tapestry—especially poignant during free museum days at LACMA.

Canoga Park Celebration

Join the vibrant Canoga Park community this weekend where over 50 vendors, live entertainment, and a parade of classic cars transform the streets into a festive food truck haven.

Celebrate the season in Los Angeles:

Holiday spirit galore at the Canoga Park Celebration

Best things for Angelenos to enjoy:

Tantalizing cuisines, groovy tunes, and a gleaming showcase of vintage automobiles

Skirball Center Performances

Skirball Center Performances

Continuing the celebration of cultural richness in LA, the Skirball Cultural Center invites you to experience the stirring melodies of the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lose yourself in the harmonious tribute echoing through the halls, a resonating homage directed by the talented Bo Burnham.

This weekend, don’t miss the Skirball Center performances, an auditory delight awaiting your presence.

Symphony at Santa Monica

Symphony at Santa Monica

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sound at the Santa Monica Symphony Concert, where melodies from Coleridge-Taylor to Gershwin celebrate Dr. King’s enduring legacy.

  • Santa Monica’s Musical Offering:
  • Symphonic Serenade: Envision violins soaring and horns heralding triumph.
  • Cultural Connection: Feel the spirit of unity as the symphony honors freedom and equality.

Don’t miss this free cultural gem, a perfect addition to your cheatsheet of free museum days in LA.

Comedy With Ramy Youssef

Comedy With Ramy Youssef
Comedy With Ramy Youssef

After reveling in the harmonious melodies at the Santa Monica Symphony Concert, you’ll find laughter awaits at the comedy show with Ramy Youssef, a must-see for enthusiasts of sharp wit and insightful humor.

Los Angelenos who subscribe to a blend of intellect and satire will be at home on Anaheim Street, Long Beach, where Youssef’s comedic craft promises an evening of unabashed joy and reflection.

Ivy Station Fitness

Ivy Station Fitness

If you’re aiming to jumpstart your wellness journey, Ivy Station’s free outdoor fitness classes offer the perfect opportunity to sweat it out under the Californian sun, no strings attached.

  • Show up to transform your weekend:
  • High-energy routines that’ll have you buzzing with vitality
  • Cool-down stretches with views of LA’s skyline

Ivy Station Fitness, less than miles from downtown, makes November in LA your stage for health.

FitspoLA Pilates Session

Continuing the trend of invigorating outdoor activities, the FitspoLA Pilates session at The Bloc offers a refreshing twist on fitness with its unique blend of interval training and contemporary Pilates. Just miles from an LA hotspot, you’ll elevate your weekend.

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