When Travel Dreams Come true – Budapest


So you dream of going places? And you certainly would love to go to the best places? What if your travel dreams come true? This is what you feel when you are in Budapest, the land of Hungarians and the capital of Hungary. With the best of sights and the best of travel experiences, this is one land on both the banks of the River Danube. 

While you are here, you would certainly want to see the best sights, won’t you? Well, then just go and visit the Budapest Parliament first and see the beautiful monument come alive in this land of attractions – Budapest. This is the place where the tours are organized more than thrice a day. This is a great tourist attraction and has the loveliest of art forms with great architectural finesse.

Then visit the fascinating St. Stephen Basilica. This is the Budapest church where you could get the most important relic of the civilization of Hungary. This is the place where the Holy Right of King St. Steven has been kept. The terrace is the ideal place where you could get a complete panorama of the whole city. 

The next destination is the Heroes Square in Budapest. This is a great construction of those days which is situated at the end of the Andrassy Avenue. This is a memorial signifying the history of the city and has been built in memory of the arrival of the Hungary people in the basin of Carpathia. The memorial commemorates the 1000th anniversary of this event in history.

Then go to the Budapest State Opera. All opera lovers would love to see this beautiful constructional marvel with its extravagance and flamboyance. The tours that are organized here guide the tourist through the entire place and the sheer ambience and grandeur of the place is enough to set us thinking. The lavishness of the place and the decoration with their exquisite tastes lends a lot of splendor and elegance to the entire place. This is surely an unforgettable experience for many tourists. 

The Castle District is one place you should never miss in Budapest. With the loveliest narrow streets and the most ancient houses here the Castle district of the city of Budapest, is a great medieval testimony to the history of the city. There is a Royal Palace which has many exhibitions and museums. Go walk around and enjoy the beauty of the medieval period mixed with the fascination of the present.

Then you have the Fishermen’s Bastion and the Matthias Church which is a great significant agenda in the tour of Budapest. The tour is incomplete without a visit here. This has been rebuilt many times and the architectural mix is the main focus here. There are many organ concerts that are held very regularly here and this is a perfect harmonious experience for many. 

Visit the Gellert Hill and the Citadel and get to see the best views of Budapest. This is surely must see spot on your tour list and the fact that there is an old fortress here which gives you a good sight of the Statue of Liberty from a distance makes it important that you see it, and enjoy this lovely experience .

There are many more places and islands to go to. Just go to Budapest and explore.

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