Viking Warriors Are Back In Viking Festival At Frederikssund


The ferocious and vociferous Vikings are back in town and they will, transport you to the Viking era of strength, battles, glory and Viking frivolity. The forceful Viking marauders made their mark in the coasts of northern and western Europe from eight to eleventh centuries.

Viking festival held in small traditional town Frederikssund, eight miles southwest of Hilerod in Denmark is celebrated for two weeks every summer presenting the Nordiac sagas. Danish Folklore and history is celebrated.

The Viking festival is exciting event beholding the traditions of Viking era, people across Europe come to Denmark to be the part of festival by dressing themselves up in traditional Viking garb, making themselves look like warriors waving there fake swords and stabbing each other in fun.

The whole town gets the look of Vikings, the citizens pay tribute to their roots and upheld their culture and heritage. There are number of Viking rituals and plays held in theaters. The celebrations are all Viking, with focus on Viking theatre. A series of plays and exhibitions about the Viking life and commemorating of their culture, traditions and heritage is held. It’s exciting to watch and be the part of the festival and it re lives the glorious life of Vikings during those years. Vikings were also farmers and artisans and excellent sailors.

In two week celebration of fest, there is handicraft exhibits and demonstration of boat building along with fun participation of Viking-sports and at times regatta of wooden boats. In an enormous hall there a Viking Banquet takes place which is full of wonderful entertainment about the Vikings and traditional food. There is Viking Market which is complete amalgamation of traditional food, Viking drinks and clothing and other only authentic Viking goodies.

It is to be experienced atleast once in life time and to be viking man its exciting and so macho. You have to be there to believe it!

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