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Tourists who come to Vienna might put the beaches here as an alternative option. But it is interesting to note that Vienna has many beaches in its pristine locales and is a great patron of beach pleasures and related activities. Out of the very many locales, there are innumerable locales in Vienna which give the best sights and the ideal experiences. So come to Vienna and enjoy the beaches here to your heart’s content.

Enjoy the pleasures of bathing in the Strandbad Gansehaufel, the nude beach of Austria. This is a result of the formation of a lake in the middle of the city. There are many areas of this beach where nude bathing is allowed so get prepared to be caught unawares.

Then you have the region of Shafbergbad which is a very famous beach locale here in Vienna. With its large pool the tourists come here and enjoy the pleasures of the best beach facilities. The pool here is very pleasant and nice and has the capacity to have a lot of people. There are small stands selling food and beverages.

Then there is the Strangbaeder Alte Donau which is one of the oldest arenas for bathing in the Vienna region. This locale does not have many pools but has the most well maintained lawns and these look resplendent as they stretch along the River Danube. Tourists love to relax on the grassy patch here and enjoy the pleasure of actually being in a beach. It really doesn’t matter if the area is not sandy, all that matters is that the ambience here is that of a beach.

Then you have Ottakringerbad which is another green beach here in Vienna. Wouldn’t you want to experience this unique beach feeling? Situated in the industrial district, this beach not only has a pool but also is a great place to relax and rejuvenate.

Those who come to Vienna always love to experience the pleasures of Simmering. This is incidentally one of the largest artificial pools in this city of Vienna and has facilities for smaller pools for those children who come here expectantly to enjoy the pleasures of enjoying a beach experience here in Vienna. The surprising part in the pools is that these have magical waves, which give the tourists the impression of being near sea.

So while you visit Vienna during summer, make sure that you enjoy the timeless pleasures of being in a beach in Vienna and get the best travel experiences. Sit on the edge of the waters of the rivers and the sea here and enjoy the experience of having the best beach pleasures.

Vienna with its short summers, gives the tourist a chance to enjoy the best beach pleasures. After the long winter season, the first summer morning is certainly a pleasure for all those who visit this city. So as people get ready to celebrate summer in the best way, the beaches here along the River Danube invite the tourist to come and bask in the pleasures of enjoying this touristic activity. These beaches are open to all those who visit this land from the first of May till the end of September.

Then there is Donaustadt which is another pleasurable experience with its stroll on the quaie and in the background of the hills with absolute sandy pleasures. Enjoy putting your toes in the clear blue waters and experience the sight of sail boats, canoes, and motor boats and also excellent skiing pleasures.

Theresiendbad is another bathing beach here in Vienna which is situated just near Schonbrunn which has some of the best old age traditions. Here you would get experience of being in a summer resort.

Krapfenwaldbad and Dobling are other beach locales where tourists enjoy and feel a travel bliss.

With all this in tow, Vienna beaches are surely a must see in this land of pleasures and fun.

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