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Sweden is a land that is a must see in the beautiful continent of Europe. Come here and enjoy the simple pleasures of lakes, forests and bustling cities filled with the best kind of cultural heritage. Stockholm, the Swedish capital is today one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world and is filled with a travel delight that is sure to enchant you.

The captivating sights in Sweden include the lovely islands, the coastlines, the wilderness and the beautifully dense forests in this part of the world. A very attractive land, Sweden offers some of the best sights of a great land filled with interesting scenic sights and travel luxuries.

Stockholm is the Swedish capital and is a delightful place to visit. Come here and enjoy the beautiful Lake Malarel and its surroundings. Lying in a pristine land filled with great ambience, the Old town or Gamla Stan is a must see here. Shop for the Swedish crystals and also enjoy the sights of the Vasa Museum which is a structure that houses some of the best 17th century frigate. Then there are day trips to Drottnigholm Palace which feature very magnificent specimens of architecture and has  a wonderful park which is very popular here. Many tourists also like to take a steamship SSMariefried to the Gripsholm Castle. See the Mariefred town here lying on the banks of the Lake Malren. Stockholm is also a great place to experience the pleasures of Stockholm Archipelago which is a lovely area filled with sea rocks, islands and immense natural ambience.

Then may go to Gothenburg which is the second largest Swedish city. it is a good place to visit and was a seaport once upon a time. this is a great cultural centre and houses the Liseberg Amusement Park and also the Linnesstaden area which si great for shopping. Visit the Rohsska Museum and enjoy the pleasures of lovely architecture and then take a tour of the assembly plant of Volvo.

Visit Boras which is called the city of sculptures and also Uppsala which is a major centre of Swedish culture. This history of this area is something really fascinating and the city of Uppsala has contributed a great deal to the development of the country. This is located around an hour from Stockholm.

Visit Kalmara which is a very enchanting town with a lovely view of the Kalmar castle. This is also a place with a very interesting structure of the cathedral or Domykyrkan. The area of kalmar is really a fun place to go around and explore.

Sweden is a place that has some of the best sights in this part of the world. visit Crystal country that is to the west of Kalmar and to the southeast of Vaxio and is located in the province of Smaland. This is a place is very famous for the crystal production. This is many a time called the Kingdom of Crystal.

Go to Gotland and bask in the beauty of the pleasures of a great land filled with sunny delights and idyllic surroundings. Explore this beautiful historical region and experience the pleasures of Gotland island and feel the difference of a lovely paradise.

Then of course there is Visby which is a today a World Heritage site and is said to the best preserved and a fortified commercial European city.

Then there is Lund and Malmo which is another major area to visit in Sweden. This has its own charm and is a lovely place to visit in Sweden tours.

The Gota canal is an awe inspiring, mesmerizing wonder of nature and is a continuous beautiful waterway that links the western coast and the eastern coast of Sweden. The Canal actually links Lake Vanvern with the Trollhate Canal to the Baltic through the Latke Vattern. Cruising this area is a favourite pastime of the tourists and thus the simple pleasures are a great enchantment to all. The cruises here normally take three days to cross the 58 locks from Sjotorp tomem and it takes another day to reach the western coast.

Lapland in Sweden is another lovely region in Europe and has the loveliest sights of the northern lights and the midnight sun. This is a great place to visit and provides interesting tourists pleasures.

Kiruna is also another lovely land and is popular for its reindeer herds. There are many who come here just to see the beautiful wilderness and also the most beautiful lakes.

Thus Sweden with its immensely fascinating sights is a lovely place to visit and a must do in European tours.

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