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Visit Belgium and add on to your travel delights in the western part of Europe. One of the best ways to enjoy your holidays, Belgium is a place with a number of locales and with the most fascinating features of a great destination. Very famous for its chocolates and desserts, this is a place which any tourist would love to visit just to experience the sheer beauty of a lovely land filled with ultimate travel delights. Come here and enjoy the beautiful region in the continent of Europe and bask in the pleasures of great travel sights.

Two great places to visit in Belgium are Brussels and Bruges. While one gives greatly adventurous experiences the other gives the best of town charms. There are other places like Ghent and Antwerp which provide unique sights and utmost attractions.

Then there are the Ardennes which attract all those who are interested in the Second World War

Belgium is thus a country with the most varied regions and has the most enchanting regions like the Wallonia, Flanders, and the capital itself. Flanders is the place where you would get to see locales like Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. Then Wallonia has the hilly regions and the densely forested Ardennes. The cities of Tournai, Namur and Liege are also found here.

Brussels is the diplomatic headquarters of Europe and is the place where the NATO and the European Union have their headquarters. Brussels is a contemporary and modern city with a lot of ancient culture. It is a place worth seeing and one can see a lot of things here. So see the Grote Markt or the Grand Place which takes you to see the classical architectures that are found here. Also see the palaces and churches of Gothic constructions and enjoy the beauty of being in a totally architectural paradise. The House of Parliament, the Royal Palace and the Palais des nation are all great monuments worth visiting here. The royal Museum of fine Arts is very popular here and this is thus a great artistic hub and an ultimate delight for art lovers.

Bruges is a place that is actually given the designation of the “Venice of the North”. It is very popular for the Old Town that is World Heritage site. Today Bruges is a tourist’s paradise and is the leading centre for Europe and also the world’s richest city once upon a time. Very popular for the humpbacked bridges, the canals, museums, historic churches and the absolutely magnificent architecture, the city of Bruges certainly offers a lot for the tourist to see. A tourist can relax to his heart’s content here and also enjoy boating, walking and wandering about. Ensure that you get to see the canals in the night and do make time to see the Memling and Belfry museum. This is also the place where you get the best chocolates and so be ready for a delicious treat. If you are in Brussels then you should try the Mussels as this is very popular here in this part of Belgium.

Then visit Ghent which is a greatly industrial city with a lot of historical value. This is a compact medieval city with a lot of interesting sights and beautiful delights. It is an Old Town that is well worth your time and so come to this historic centre which is a great place to have a lot of fun.

Ensure that y0u also visit the Castle of the Counts of Flanders and the popular Belfry Musuem. Also visit the ancient Cloth Hall, the Cathedral of Saint Bavo and marvel the beauty and the religious art that it is made of.

Antwerp is another place that is popular here. It is the second largest European port and is a greatly industrial place which is mainly focused on the international trade. Most of Antwerp is charming and filled with warmth and is an amalgamation of greatly enchanting architectural styles. Most of the tourists coming here see all these places and also enjoy the pleasures of being in the Diamond district which surely adds to the entire travel ambience here. Also the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady is a very important structure that had a great role to play in the history of the Low Countries. Then there is the Plantin Moretus Museum, the Koninklijik Musuem, the Diamond Museum, and many such interesting places to visit here in Antwerp.

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