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Serbia is a place that is a must see in travels to Europe. Tourists coming to this part of the world are yet to enjoy the pleasures of seeing a great land of delightful adventures. Today it is free from the Slobodan Milosevic, and is a democracy and has given all the tourists in the world a chance to see a pleasurable destination.. Today Serbia is catching on to the imaginations of the travellers and providing them with a lot of things to see.

Belgrade the capital of Serbia is an energetic city with the best sights of cultural and historical places. Cultural enthusiasts can now bask in the glory of the architectural elegance and the museum delights here in this part of the world.

Visit the flat plains here in Vojvodina and enjoy the beauty of the monasteries in the serene surroundings of fruska Gora which gives the perfect reasons to relax here in this lovely region. Novi Sad is another place you could go to just to enjoy the music festival here. Also the fact that Serbia is a land filled with the luscious sights of the most verdant hills and valleys makes tours here a must in Europe travels Got to Mansija and Studencia as also Spocani and see the fascinating monasteries here which imbibe in you the Serbian faith. Also the sights of the Byzantine art never cease to surprise you and thus make your tours here worthwhile.

Zlatibor and Kopaonik are two mountains here which form the major landscape and provide the tourists with their snow pleasures in winter travels. The hiking experiences here fill an adventure enthusiast with great pleasures and so a visitor here gets the right ways to fill his travel kitty with the most cherishable memories.

There are many mosques here in Novi Pazar which add to the travel experience and provides the visitor with a glimpse of the earlier Turkish influence here.

Visit Kosovo which is another controversial historical place. Notwithstanding the different historical interpretations it has, this is certainly another region that should be visited. The Serbs recognize it as the cradle of their nationhood but for Kosovo Albanias it spells their independence in future. Today this region is recognized by the UN as a part of Serbia . In spite of all this, it is a beautiful place to be in.

Thus Serbia the country in the Balkans in the southern part of Europe is a land that has beautiful surroundings and even more fascinating history. With the Montenegro in the south and Herzegovina and Bosnia bordering it in the west, the lovely Bulgaria in the southeast and Croatia in the northwest, the country is sure to enchant the visitor. The added bordering countries of Hungary in the north and Albania and Macedonia in the south with the northeast being bordered by Romania, make the place a greatly interesting destination. With a prime location of being in the major land route from Turkey to Central Europe it forms a perfect destination in tours to this part of the world.

Perfect for tourism it has many tourists visiting it in summer and enjoying the sights in Belgrade and other places. There are many national parks that dot the entire country. The winters welcome the visitors with the sight of the most enthralling mountain resorts. The Kopaonik resort is a very popular ski destination here . Then you have the Niska banja, the vrnjacka Banja, and Sokobanja which are great spa resorts here in  Serbia.

Serbs are basically very warm and nice to foreign tourists. They speak English and some of them also speak German,  French, and Italian too. There are many Slovenian tourists in Belgrade during New Year. Serbia was earlier called Yugoslavia and it has still retained its earlier charm. Today it is waiting to be rediscovered by people so all those who visit this landlocked beauty go back with a tresurable tale of travel memories.

With a great historical past and an equally interesting present, today Serbia is getting popular more and more due to the many famous sportspersons who dominate the scene. Visitors coming here go back satiated with a new kind of tour delight.

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