The Europe Balloon Festival- Decorating The Sky


As the physics law says Hot air rises up, but it shoots the adventure spirits high of the spectators. The Catalonian Sky is decorated with Hot air balloons, filling the sky with arrays of colors.

Every year in the Catalonian town of Igualada i.e. 50 km of Barcelona in Spain, largest Hot Air Balloon festival is held for three to four days. Forty hot air balloons from around the world soars up in the sky taking along with us the vibes of sky is the limit. This is very friendly event and excellent flying conditions. Spectators across the world and locals come to watch as the balloons are inflated and launched into the sky. Usually there are more then 25000 spectators coming to watch this sight. It is picturesque to see the balloons and as the sky is speckled with them, like painted with so many colors. Adding the zing to the enormous sky, the balloons soaring high up and wandering with the aid of wind in directions unknown.

In the fest, there are around seven flight windows, which are occupied by different teams, usually competing with each other. There are balloons with different shapes and sizes which is an attraction for children, but for that check the programs of the event.

The view will leave you awestruck and wanting more. The festival has something to offer to all. It’s really so beautiful to see the balloons with kids laughing cheering and trying to run after them. Its good family picnic as the event is free and no matter that who you are? You shall enjoy the event. There is also a market set up by locals who bring with them the local goods, arts and crafts and handworks. Also you can enjoy some Catalonian Cuisine.

The late evening and night time, with flights and night glows of balloons it’s mesmerizing to see the sky, as if the sky is lit with lanterns floating in the air it creates aura of romance and love.

With such a splendid ambience and lovely warm weather let your spirits soar. Surely you will feel the freedom and so light hearted as if the balloon took away with them your bondages. The European Balloon festival is though not only one such fest but largest in Europe and exciting event to be.

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