The Chivalric Baba Vida Castle


It is the only medieval castle in the country of Bulgaria. It is one of the primary landmarks of the city, located on the North West side in Vidin. The caste has two main fundamental walls and four towers. It is the only saved castle in the Bulgarian territory after facing the days of wars and obscurity for over 2000 years. The construction of this royal castle started in the 10th century and it was placed on the Ancient Roman tower. It is also known as the legend of Baba Vida. The story of this castle says that there was a king named Danubian who ruled Vidin he had three daughters Kula, Gamza and Vida. Before his death he divided kingdom among the three daughters and eldest one was Vida and Vidin and the north sides of Carpathians was given to her while Zajecar and Timok Valley was given to Kula and the west lands including Morava was given to Gamza. It happened that Gamza and Kula got married with drunken kings while Vida remained unmarried the rest of her life and she built this fortress, this meaning of this castle is also known as “Granny Vida”. The castle is a legend with a great history of ruler Vida. The pride Vida is also known as Babini Vidini Kuli.

The castle served very important in the town’s defense system during the Ottoman war. It was treated was the most important fortress of the north western Bulgarian region. Baba Vida took a very good position for eight months during the time of Byzantine and the ruler was Basil II but the position was taken away and again it gained importance during the rule of Ivan Sratsimir. But from the year 1365 to 1369 the Hungarian army took control over it. Louis I of Hungary suddenly attacked Vidin at this time with the fight for several months. But again the year 1370 Ivan Sratsimir in a war with Louis I of Hungary tried to take control on Vidin but failed and remained under the control of Hungarian leadership. In the year 1388 Ottomans declared war with Sratsimir and forced them to become their slaves and in the year 1396 Sratsimir started an anti-Ottoman campaign with the help of Louis I of Hungary. The campaign ended with a huge war between two in which Ottoman’s captured most of the Sratsimir’s areas by the year 1397. The castle helped a lot for the Ottomans by serving as a weapon warehouse and prison for their slaves. By the 18th century it was no longer served as a prison and a warehouse.

It was given the status of National Monument of Culture in the year 1664 and treated as one of the national sites of Bulgaria. This castle is famous among the movie makers the natural scenes of this fort are amazing. The first movie on this site was “Ashes” directed by Andjei Vaida in the year 1962. Over all 50 Bulgarian and foreign historic films directed up till now. This is a fortress museum and among the most popular destinations of Bulgaria. The project was started by Vidin government to make this fortress as a historical and cultural tourist destination of Bulgaria. The making of the Summer Theatre, higher terrace, strengthening of the cracked walls, exhibition walls, art studios, workshop for children, and advertising and informational centers in the fortress are the parts of the project which says “A look through the Centuries”.

Vidin is very well-known for the ancient fortresses of Baba Vida and Kaleto. It also has many old and traditional churches like St. Petka, St. Pantaleimon, and St. Greatmartyr Dimitar etc. Vidin has library of Osman Pazvantoglu and a mosque. Vidin is a gorgeous city with ancient buildings. These places in Vidin are famed among the people it is basically a town of Belograchik which are known for unique kind of rock formations and an impressive cave with prehistoric cave paintings.

How to reach the picturesque city of Europe

Bulgaria is a 13 centuries old small picturesque country of Europe with a very old ancient history. It is linked with east and west of Europe. Surrounded with Black Sea from east and Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia from the west it is renowned for its exclusive sights. The Museums, Castles and Churches give Bulgaria a picturesque look. You can reach Bulgaria with national and international airlines from Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America. The Balkan Bulgarian Airlines is the National Airline. If you want to reach Bulgaria by train than the European railways is the better option for you while the international trains are linked with Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria. The domestic railways are well connected with many cities. You need a foreign driving license valid in Bulgaria if you enter from roadways. Insurance is also necessary and there are petrol stations on a distance of 30 to 50 kilometers.

There are cold continental air masses in the Danube plain. The climate here is moderate with cold winters while summers are extremely high. The climate is humid in spring season. The low and high mountains surrounded with valleys and lovely gorges. The humid spring is best time to visit Bulgaria.

Where to Stay in this Pleasing City

There is a far-reaching range of hotels in Bulgaria. From five star hotels to two star hotels the network of hotels is huge which include private rooms, small comfy rooms with all requirements. You can book your stay with tourist agencies and local accommodation offices. The currency can be exchanged through banks the change in rate on daily basis, all the major credit cards are accepted in hotels, clubs, shops etc.  You need a valid passport and transit visas from the embassy and the consulate of Republic of Bulgaria in your country.

Other must watch sites of the city
  • The history museum
  • The art gallery
  • The city garden of Vidin
  • Vidin Bishopric
  • The cross shaped barracks

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