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Sweden is one country that is a totally attractive travel destination. Any visitor coming here would surely find the entire landscape very fascinating and welcoming and the stylish and functional way in which the Swedes are towards a visitor sort of completes the entire experience. Sweden provides the best views during the seasons of autumn and summer and if you can actually manage to reach there then Sweden is the place to be in. come here and enjoy the travel pleasures that you get here and the tour attractions that make you so much a part of the tours here.

See Sweden come alive in your travels and get to see the best travel attractions in this part of the world. Spread across the country are beautiful cities and loveliest towns which provide great travel pleasures. Sweden is an expensive place to visit for all tourists as is the norm with most of the Nordic countries. Sweden is considered as a great add on destination for all those who are wanting to include that little country in their travel tours.

Sweden shows many facets to the traveller and the best places to visit in Sweden are the innumerable cities that it has. Stockholm comes across as one of these cities which are a great way of enjoying holidays and holiday pleasures. Sweden gives you a time of your lifetime so get ready to enjoy some of the best sight seeing thrills in this land of delightful experiences.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is a lovely paradise which was founded sometime in the 13th century. The total city is spread over around 14 islands and with the stately and scenic ambience the city is surely a dream destination for many. With the lovely Lake Malaren on the western side, this is one land that shouldn’t be missed in your travels to this part of the world. Stockholm is an archipelago with water as the unified theme and reflects the charm and beauty of the place.

Then visit the Old Town, which is a must watch for all tourists. With the beautiful narrow streets and the cobblestoned paths, this is a real attraction, for all. The Old Town is located on the Standholmen Island which spans across Helgeandsholmen and Riddarholmen. Gamla Stan is also a lovely place to be in and it is worth lazily wandering around the place. The entire area is filled with interesting buildings, good eating places and great shops which totally delights the tourist.

Shoppers would love to pick up the Swedish crystal which is in abundant supply here in the city of pleasures and is a great delight for all who are shopaholics. Fine quality clothes are also found here.

Good restaurants here are filled with a lot of delicious cuisine and salmon and herring are also found in large quantities. Herring bars are also found in many restaurants and you would get a chance to see how herring is prepared.

Then go to the Vasa Museum which has a 17th century frigate which is geared for the fighting that sank here on a maiden voyage and has been preserved for around fifty years. See this fascinating shipwreck and get to see the most magnificent travel delights.

Stockholm is a place which is famous for the lovely Swedish arts and thus is rightly a festive country. Ensure that you would check your local sources for all the current exhibitions, celebrations and concerts.

You could also take a trip to the Drottningholm Palace which is the residence of the Royal Family of Sweden. Today this is a World Heritage site and is situated on an island on the Lake Malaren and has some of the finest architectural splendour and also has a great park and a famous Chinese pavilion.

With the Gripsholm Castle, the town of Mariefred and the Lake Malaren shores also to be explored, besides of course the lovely sights of the natural sea rocks and the beauty of the place around, Stockholm is surely a tourists’ paradise and a travellers’ delight.

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