Slovenia: A Mini Wonder of Europe


Slovenia is a pocket size country in Eastern Europe bordering four national boundaries and a rich mix of five cultures.  It is the newest country to join Europe.

Slovenia is connected by bus and trains from many European cities and Adria Airways are the sole carrier of this country with most of the flights to Ljubljana. powerboats operate from Venice, Trieste and Rovinj.

Slovenia has an amazing landscape, with sublime lush green mountainous forests; green valleys below are parts of Austria and Italy. From the peaks in Julian Alps, you just cannot tell where one country ended and another began. The place Mangart is a meeting point of Slavs, Austrians, Italians and now Slovenia, Austria, Italy are part of EU.

Slovenia is country bordering rich giant countries of Europe but has managed to maintain its old world charm with its mountains and castles and unspoiled villages.

The popular resort town of Bovec, nestled in the shadow of Trilglav, Slovenias highest mountain, is a tiny maze of streets curving around a 400 meter long main street lined with cafes and shops, and an adventurous hiking trip in the Kanin mountains is an exciting, thrilling experience.

The majority of Slovenia’s 2000 Metre Mountains lies within the Triglav national park. Numerous mountain lodges and huts lie along the hiking trails.  You may enjoy the excellent local food at inns with local wines.

The sombre churches, the lush barns and farm houses, the Alpine villages and glass of red wine with a heady paprika and mushroom soups will make your heart warm hale and hearty.

A trip to Slovenia will surely widen your travel perspectives and add fond memories to your life.

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