Skara Brae, Orkney


Orkney, located in the Orkney Isles, was occupied by the Vikings in the 8 t h century A D. The islands here were colonized by the Norse ever prior to these islands being important centers in the Viking sea routes. It was in the 12 t h Century that Maeshowe was visited by the Vikings and left a collection that is among the largest of Runic inscriptions in Norse behind. There is also a tomb in Maeshowe that has been among the best specimens of architecture in the pre historic times in the European continent. It is also home to the Skara Brae, which is among the most exciting sites here.

Captivating sights abound in the island of Orkney, and there is a host of new discoveries waiting to be found out. There are a number of excellent archeological sites, were excavations made. These are among the best that can be found anywhere in the continent of Europe. The “Ring of Brodgar” an impressive stone circle, and others of its kind in the island are located in between Stennes and Harray Loch, and are a definite sight to be seen. There were sixty stones in total originally, but there are only twenty seven that remain standing even now. The Orkney Neolithic Heartland was declared among the world heritage sites by the U N E S C O in the year nineteen ninety nine.

Skara Brae is a definite must see here, it is among the most important sites in Orkney Isles. The Skara Brae is village in stone that goes back to almost five thousand years, and is in a state of excellent preservation. The village is a complicated series of mazes, dwellings here have stone beds, supports and cupboards. The Skara Brae was discovered by accident, it was uncovered by a violent storm that occurred in the year eighteen fifty.

The Skara Brae is certainly among the highlighted must sees here, and must be missed at no cost.  The Viking era was responsible for a great series of influences that Orkney still shows. There is an ongoing debate on the exact way the Vikings stayed in Orkney, by force, bloodshed, genocide, or peace and love. The Island of Orkney was ruled by the Norse till the year fourteen sixty eight, when the island came under the Scotsmen. The Viking Influence, though is still alive, and is visible in many aspects of the culture and way of life, including the names of the streets and such other aspects.

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