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The entire Vienna in Austria is famous for its tourist destination. There are a lot of sites in Vienna that has something to tell you. So I’m introducing you one more site that is worth visiting. You may wonder that what that exotic location I am talking about. Well, without saying any more let me tell you that the tourist destination is actually a palace popularly known as the Schonbrunn palace. No doubt this palace is in the list of World Heritage Sites.

This palace was earlier a home for royal summer and is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Europe. Later this residence became a tourist attraction from 1960s. This palace was converted into an elerdnt one in the year 1750 by the Empress Maria Theresa. From 18th century to 1918 this palace was actually a residence to the Hapsburg emperors. Schonbrunn palace was constructed by two architects, one is Johann Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach and another is Nicolaus Pacassi.

This palace has well-known ceiling frescoes of the Great Gallery and also the Hall of Mirrors. In this hall the great Mozart played his music. Outside the palace it has a wonderful garden called Privy Garden, Tiergarten, it is actually a Zoo started from the year 1752 and is considered as the world’s oldest zoo still exist then the Neptune Fountain, the Gloriette and also a reproduction of a maze. This maze was been made in the early 18th century. The garden Gloriette is placed up on the higher hills of about 60 meters since 1775. Gloriette was planned to glorify Habsburg’s power by Maria Theresa. Today, this Gloriette has a café where visitors can sit and enjoy viewing the sites of the city.

During the 19th century, one more name was closely attached with this palace and his name was Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria. Franz Josef I was born at this palace lived his most of the life here and then died on November 21, 1916 in his sleeping room at the same palace. At his 68 years time in power the palace was considered as a total work of art.

Within the Palace and the Neptune Well you will find the garden space which is also called as the “Great Ground Floor”. Besides these you will get an Orangerie established in the year 1755, a Palm house which was made up of ten little glass houses and is getting replaced from 1882, situated in the Western region of the park. From 1828 to 1852 the Western regions were converted into English garden style and at the western border, a botanical garden in the year 1828 was re-arranged. It was made at the time of Old Palm House that was built.

Here in this palace you will get nearly 32 sculptures that are representing the deities and virtues. The Roman Ruins is actually known as the Ruin of Carthage and was planned by the same architect named Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf Von Hohenberg. The Roman Ruins was established in the year 1778 by featuring a new style of architechture.

The Schonbrunn Palace has been chosen as the key motif of a high value commemorative coin. The Schonbrunn palace Silver coin was chosen on October 8, 2003 which has a value of Austrian 10 euro.

Once you decide to visit at this fantastic palace then the second step you need to take is to decide the mode of transportation. You have options like Air, rail, road, bus and even by car you can reach to your destination. By air you have to get down at the Vienna International Airport and if you plan to go by train then Schonbrunn station is waiting for you go reach there or through underground you have to go Schonbrunn that is U4. Even tram system is there. You need to get down through the trams of 10 and 58.Through bus you will get public services directly to Schonbrunn. And if you do not want to travel by all these things then you can reach to your destination by car. Take Ostautobahn from the airport that will take you to Vienna. After that you have to take A23 that is Sudosttangente that will lead you to Graz that is Altmannsdorf exit.

And the third step you have to do is to take the final decision of where to stay. For this you will get many hotels close to the Schonbrunn palace like Heitzinger Hauptstrasse,Park hotel Schonbrunn hotel, Handelskai 265,Kavalier Linzer Strasse and many more.

These palaces not only possess background history but it is also famous for tourist destinations where people come from all the corner of the world by standing on a queue to take a glimpse of such a great monument. You can even find this palace in various films where the palace and the garden both are used. Entering here you will be benefited with many classical concerts that feature Mozart’s music and even you can enjoy the dinner concerts. So go enjoy all of those even without losing a single site.

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