Scale up wooden stairs at the multi colored St. Basil’s Church


Even though everyone knows that St. Basil’s Church, the famous structure is officially identified as “The Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat”, the various famous choices refer to Basil as a holy church, a Muscovite ‘sacred fool’ who was obscured at this place (inside the Trinity Church that stood in the site at one occasion) a little years previous to the erection of the current structure.

The construction of the church was ordered by Ivan the Terrible as to celebrate conquer of Kazan in the year 1552 from Mongol powers. It construction concluded in the year 1560. That’s a little real information which is till date known regarding the history of this famous attraction.

The church was constructed by Postnik Yakovlev and Barma, unluckily nothing is identified about them apart their names as well as the uncertain story that Ivan had injured their eyes so that they would be unable to construct any structure that would more attractive than this one. Historians generally say that the tale is merely an urban legend.

Architectural experts are even today looking for the most important thought that is laid in the church’s construction. Many believes that the designers had pay respect to the Jerusalem church by constructing this church in the shape of the 8-pointed star by placing the major church in the center surrounded by eight other churches.

The unique perception of the church of the intervention has been concealed from us under coatings of stylistic accompaniments as well as addition of novel churches to the major structure. In verity, during the time of construction the church was completely white in color and domes were golden colored which are in present day designed with various colors.

The trendy bell tower was added to the church in the 17th century which was accompanied by a gallery as well as staircase. The domes were decorated and colored during this period. Restoration of the church initially was done in the year 1860; this time the church was decorated with more multifarious and incorporated drawing with is seen even in the present day.

At a point of time the Soviet Union had discussion regarding demolish of St. Basil’s church basically as it delayed Stalin’s arrangements for grouped carnivals on the Red Square. It was merely saved be grateful to the brave Pyotr Baranovsky an architect who was ordered the venture of the destruction of church. He rejected the assignment and accepted a 5 years imprisonment as a reward of his rejection telegraph

Presently the church serves the public as a museum. During reinstatement work that took place in 70s, a wood made curved stairway was noticed inside one of the fortifications. Tourists these days utilize the staircase as a way to arrive at the centrally located church, with its astonishing, high tented crown and iconostasis that belongs to 16th century. You can as well stroll beside the constricted, winding balcony, enclosed in stunning patterned drawings.

The church is kept close on Tuesdays for the public visits where as on the remaining days it is open from 11 am to 5 pm

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