Saranda – A beach destination


Saranda is the entry way that leads to entire south Albania. It is a tiny town that has close to thirty thousand residents. The town is located nestling in a crescent shaped bay between the Ionian Sea and the mountains. Saranda got its name from Agioi Saranta ( Forty Saints ) who had a monastery dedicated in their honor. Known as Onchesmus in antiquity, the town s located opposite Corfu.

The Mediterranean climate as well as warm waters makes it a heavenly beach destination. Saranda receives the light of the sun three hundred years a day. The town is perfectly located, and has the ideal warm weather. This is what makes it such a rewarding and popular destination. The Albanian Riviera has always been a traditional honeymoon destination for couples. There are a number of excellent facilities and top class restaurants.

Saranda has the village of Ksamil in the viicinity. The town is home to a heavenly beach, and a number of minuscule atolls that you can swim to from the beach. The hotel here has a full service restaurant as well as a dollar exchanging facility. The town of Butrint can be accessed by bus, which can be caught at Ksamil.

Butrint is a town located at the outskirts of the town of Ksamil. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The town was a city in the ancient times such as Byzantine, Bishopric, Roman and Greek periods. The city was abandoned in the middle ages due to certain causes related to the marshy surroundings and an epidemic of malaria. Butrint is one of the greatest cities that existed in the ancient times, but is not at all famous. There are a number of structures and monuments here.

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