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Visit Europe and do not miss to see the lovely and fascinating republic of San Marino which is incidentally the third smallest state in Europe. Today it is the oldest republic and was founded by Marinus a stonemason of Christian origin sometime in 301 AD. Italy surrounds San Marino and the social and general trends of this republic are very similar to its neighbors.

Lying around 657 m above sea level with great views of the country delights, the Adriatic coast dots its boundary. It is around 10 km from Rimini and it is said that legendarily the stonemason came from Rab Island in Dalmatia and climbed the Mt. Titano to discover a small community of Christians who were persecuted by the Diocletian Emperor for their faith.

With small towns dotting the mountain side, the capital of this beautiful region is San Marino and is located on top of a mountain. The entire capital has a wall around it along with three magnificent towers that overlook the entire country. The Historic Centre and Mount Titano is a World Heritage Site since the year 2008.

San Marino is around twenty times larger than Monaco and has borders that are open. The foreigners coming here enjoy a great deal. San Marino has Rimini as its nearest airport with Bologna, Ancona, and Forli as the nearest airports.

Rimini is the nearest rail head and thus San Marino is connected by road, rail and air to the places nearby. San Marino also has the pleasures of walking around and enjoying the simple sights here. People here speak Italia and some of them speak Russian too.

The narrow streets of San Marino are full of surprises and as the walkways twist and turn around the hills, the scenic delight of the San Marino Lake simply would take your breath away.

Ensure that you get your passport stamped at the information centre for tourists and take back with a souvenir of the visa tax stamp and an official ink stamp.

Enter the souvenir shops here and shop for swords and other such things. Also binge into the spaghetti and the lasagna and the popular ice cream gelato. Enjoy drinking beer here and also try the local coffee which is really very tasty here. Also drink Limoncello a lemon liquor here. The local wine is also a major hit here.

Tours to places like San Marino only ensure that you would get yourself a valuable travel kitty. A very healthy place this is a perfect tour destination for all and a great country to visit. Nature lovers would love the simple landscapes here as well as the perfect tour experiences. Also the Italian touch gives the visitor a whiff of old Italian traditions. Experience the pleasures of a great place through simple places like San Marino and feel the difference of being in a lost paradise.

Tours to places like San Marino in Europe travels provide great delight and ultimate tour memories. Make sure you visit such places and bring back a cherishable memory.

Visit San Marino and bask in the glory of a beautiful land filled with ultimate travel souvenirs.

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