Salzburg- The Salt Castle In Austria


Salzburg is one of the glorious cities of Austria. It is the fourth largest city in Austria it is also the capital federal of Salzburg. Altstadt is the old town of Salzburg and has world famous baroque architecture it is said one of the preserved city in the north of the Alps. In the year 1997 it was listed World Heritage site by UNESCO. Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart he was the composer in the 18th century. Large population of Salzburg is student studying in three universities. It is located on the banks of Salzach River on the northern boundary of the Alps Mountains. There are many human settlement traces belong to the Neolithic Age were found in Salzburg and initially it was started with the Celts (European people who use to speak Celt language). In 15 BC the Roman Empire merged the settlements in one of their own city and the city was called of Juvavaum. This city got the status of Roman government in 45 AD. It became the important town and developed vastly. It was the important town of Noricum, but when Noricum collapsed Juvavum became the near ruin in the 7th century. The city got rebirth with the help of Saint Rupert in the 8th century. He named Salzburg to Juvavum, after connecting the site of basilica. Salzburg means “Salt Castle” it got name from the barges carrying salt on the Salzach River, in the 8th century it was a toll and usual for many people and communities. The fortress built in the year 1077 named Festung Hohensalzburg was expanded and grown during the centuries.

There was a religious conflict connected with this city. On 13th October, 1731 on the 214th anniversary of Martin Luther, at this time Anton von signed the Edict of Expulsion which forced Protestants to not to believe Catholic beliefs or leave the city. They were given two days time to leave their land. They were also forced to dump their cattle, furniture, sheep in the market and they got little money from it, and all the books of Christianity and bible burned. All the children of 12years of age and under were forced to raise as Roman Catholics and those who have benefits of land was in the advantage and they were given three month deadline. Only eight days were given to miners, laborers, tenant farmers, and tradesmen to sell what they have. The first refuges faced snow storms, cold temperatures and they were trying to seek shelter in Germany which was controlled by Protestant princes and the children of these refugees use to walk on wooden wagons with the loaded baggage. And when they traveled the savings were drained so they were placed with highwaymen who use to collect taxes, payments, and tolls as charge of protection from robbers.

This conflict spread and many Protestants were dismayed to the cruelty and them shown faith and gave aid to the refugees who arrived first in the town. But still there was no place for all the refugees to locate. The Protestant Salzburgers who were settled in Lithuania kept a distinct ethnic they kept their German status for many centuries in their languages, schools, and churches. During the World War II many Germans were forced to leave Lithuania which was because of Nazi Germany’s reaction on many Eastern European nations. Many refugees who were ethnic German located on Western Europe, United States and many other western nations. Those refugees who settled in West Germany made their association to preserve their identity as Salzbugers.

How to reach

Mozart Airport Salzburg is the second biggest airport of Austria. It is the international airport which is connected with rest of the world. It was opened in 1926. This airport has a huge network with the high number of flights throughout the year. There are many charter flights available for the tourists in summer for sight seeing and in winter for skiing. These flights will take you from the airport to the city. Taxis and busses are very easily available and convenient from the main station or Hauptbahnhof. Taxis are cheaper mode of transport in Salzburg. Tickets for taxis and busses are available from the machines. Summer is the peak season and during this time the major number of flights flies to Salzburg.

When to go

Salzburg is located on the north edge of the Alps it has hot summers and cold winters. It has moderate weather for most of the year, which helps you to plan trip anytime in the year. Mostly from July to August during the time of Salzburg Festival takes place that is the best time to visit and December during the time of Christmas is the best time to visit this beautiful salt castle city. During this both time most of the periods are pleasant and scenic. And if you are planning for low budget visit to Salzburg than spring, early summer and autumn in September and October is the best time for you.

Where to stay

It is difficult to find a hotel in the peak season; it is advisable to arrange bookings in advance, if you will book room on the last moment after arrival than it will be expensive for you. If you are planning to stay here for some days than the hotels near the city centre is the best option. In this area there are many sites and attractions which can be visited easily. Low budget cheap youth hostels are easily available with clean atmosphere. Several are located in Salzburg. Online rooms booking facilities are also available with budget offers.

Salzburg Festivals and Concerts

Festivals and Concerts in Salzburg are always rocking from the middle Ages. They are called as “mystery games” and “Mysterienspiele” to parties and costume balls. Most of the festivals were banned in Salzburg. After the fall of political and economic power of Austria the city recovered from Napoleonic wars. In the 19th century the tourism industry grew in Salzburg which helped to develop the financial gain to the city. Salzburg Festival was started as an economic need for the city. Slowly people started to remember the festivals and traditions. And during this time the concert of Mozart became the best selling product to gain the economic status and the series of Mozart festivals and concerts started in Salzburg. The most famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the best music festival and the “Sound of Music” created the popularity and fame in Salzburg.

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