The Secluded Salt Treasure of Romania


The unusual distribution of land and resources throughout the world is not surprising anymore. Some regions are rich in oil, others in metals, while some in ice. However, Salina Praid in Romania is a terrain overflowing with salt. Famously know as Salt Zone, it is one of the biggest salt mines of Europe.

Loaded with heaps of salt, the Praid is a salt knoll with an altitude of over 567 feet. Here, salt is found in profusion and deposits are usually as thick as 2000m. The Praid, also known as Dealul Sarji, is believed to have salt weighing over 3 billion tons. Along with the salt abundance, this region has ample of recreational options.

There is are several billiard tables, buffet food, salt spas, underground garden areas for kids, swimming pools and fitness center. Also, Salina Parid has several salt museums, sculptures, exhibition, and a famous cathedral known as Ecumenical Chapel. For leisure lovers, there are libraries, cafes, restaurant, and a wine gallery as well. Due to the unusual underground setting and coarse terrain, adventurers can have a fun time in and around Salina Praid.

However, the most exciting and astonishing trait of this region is Speleotherapy. Also known as halo therapy, this treatment system attracts areoung 25,000 – 30,000 people each day. The number is high during weekends. People come here to get the treatment and cure their respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and many such problems. Speleotherapy isn’t quite uncommon. Such treatments can be found in many regions around the world. However, due to the higher atmospheric pressure of around 736 mmHg and extremely ionized atmosphere, the treatment takes just a couple of days. While the same treatment in other areas take as much as 18 days.

The underground swimming pool is another attracting trait of this locality. There are several hot water tubs around the pool containing salt saturated water. With high salt contents, this water is extremely helpful to relax the human body and mind. It’s quite calming, relaxing, vaso-dilator, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, and mucous membrane sterilizing.

Underground halls and pathways is quite common here due to salt mining. The mining and recreational area is 300 stars and 120 meters below the earth surface. The temperature here is quite constant at 14-16 Celsius degrees throughout the year. The saline deposits found here are as old as 500 years, and salt mining is now a major contributor to the economy of Transylvania.

For those interested in geography and location of the region, Salina Praid is positioned around 5 km away from Sovata in the heart of Harghita County. In the eastern coast of Transylvanian Basin and near the foot of Gheorgheni Mountains, Salina Praid establisted its first mining center in 2nd century AD.

Historically, Hungarians known as Skelzers dominated the salt mining here. Hence, they gave birth to Skelzer Salt, which means having a right to extract salt three times more than the predefined quota, without any taxes and regulations.

Now, tourists often come here in huge number (25,000 to 30,000 per day) to witness the amazing endowment of God to Romania. There are mine tours that take you around the place in small groups of 25 each. Which means, mathematically, more than 100 such trips are operated daily.

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