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Romania is such a place that it is really difficult to decide where to start touring this lovely land from the ancient past. The sights and scenes here are increasingly interesting and greatly enjoyable. One who comes here is sure to go back with much more than anticipated.

Visit Danube Delta and enjoy the beauty of the waters here. These waters incidentally form the largest delta in Europeand are a sight to reckon with. The waters form the delta and then drain into the Black Sea. There are more than 300 varieties of birds found here and around 45 types of freshwater species. The lakes and marshes here are the right breeding ground for all these varieties of plants and animals. This is a heritage site recognized by the UNESCO.


Then you have the Sighisoara Citadel which is a historical hub in the Sighisoara town. The Saxon colonists constructed this in the 12th century and this too is a UNESCO World Heritage site since the year 1999. This is a great exponent of the past culture and history here and explores the Transylvanian tradition. This is here the Vlad III the Impaler or the Dracula is believed to have taken birth.

Sighisoara Citadel

Go to the Black Church in Brasov and understand the turbulent history it has. This was constructed sometime between 1385 and 1477 and is believed to have been built over an earlier church here. It is said that the Mongol invasions destroyed this church which existed then in the 12th century. The German name for this place is Marienkirche and it was greatly affected by the Turkish invasions that took place here in the year 1421. Then in the year 1689, the church was renamed and then again the  Hapsburg invaders destroyed it. It was restored only after almost 100 years. So whatever artifacts are seen here in this town date back to this time.

Black Church in Brasov

Then there is the Rasnov Citadel which is situated around 15 km from Brasov. It is said that this is so named due to the German word Rose. The citadel is believed to have been built sometime in the year 1215 and is said to have been the construction of the Teutonic Knights. This is a less conquered citadel and has only once been attacked by Gabriel Bathory.

The next interesting destination to go to in Romania is the Bran Castle that is located near Bran. This is a national Romanian monument and is also called the “Dracula’s castle”. Today the castle is a museum and tourists love to come here and see the beautiful display furniture and art that has been collected by the Queen Maria. All the tourists have the benefit of a guided tour. There is a small open air museum below the hill and also a park which showcases some Romanian structures like barns, cottages etc.

Dracula's castle

Another place of interest in Romania is the Histria Citadel that was the place where the Greek traders settled initially sometime in 657 BC. It is today the oldest town in Romania. This city was abandoned sometime in the 7th century AD and the ruins here were discovered sometime in the year 1914. During the summer months, there is chance that you can see the archaeological work in progress here.

Histria Citadel

Romania also has some of the best painted churches which showcase the tradition and culture of this place. In all there are around seven churches in the northern Moldavia and the lovely paintings on the walls outside belonging to the 15th and the 16th centuries, are very interesting and exquisite in taste.

A visit here gives you and experience of the exquisite sights of historical significance.

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