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The state of Latvia in Eastern Europe is located on the Baltic Coast. This is one of the three states of Baltic region. It is bounded by Estonia in the north, Russia in the east, Lithuania in the south and Belarus on the south east. The Baltic Sea runs along the western side. The city of Riga is the main travel attraction here and this is incidentally a World Heritage Site.

The place is filled with places to see, and there is a lot of intrigue attached to the beautiful land. Karosta the military town and Kuldiga the splendid beach region are popular spots to visit here. A lovely waterfall here and the ruins at Cesis add to the Latvian travel pleasure. Tourists love to come here and enjoy the 500 km coastal zone beautiful, soft sandy beaches. Half of Latvian region is filled with forests thus giving the tourists the ideal opportunity for trails, treks and more adventure. There are many nature p arks in the region and this too adds to the excitement. Weather is very pleasant and warm in the months of June to September making this the best time to visit this region.

With a rich cornucopia of lakes, forests and wildlife, Latvia, is at its best in the region of Latgale. With lovely river valleys and sand cliffs the place is an ecological hub. The Gaiznkalns is the highest point of Latvia at a height of around 1,023 feet. This lies near the town of Madona.

While in Latvia, you have a lot of things to see. Let us see what places of attractions Latvia offers us.

Visit the Pedvale Open Air Art Museum at Sabile. Built in the year 1991, this monument spans over an area of around 100 hectares and encompasses the best forests, ravines and meadows. Artists come here and show their talents. All the artists get inspired by the ambience here and they use their imagination to bring out the best of sculptures, paintings and performances.

Go to Riga and see the magnificent Dome Cathedral. With this kind of architectural style, any tourist would get enthralled. The baroque, gothic and the renaissance styles, exhibited here go a long way to prove that this is the best exhibition of talent and elegance. The cathedral is the venue for many music concerts and everyone loves the music organ here that is popular across the world.

Then of course you have the Jurmala beach which stretches over 19 miles. Lying on the Riga Gulf this place is also a favourite resort for many as it has been designed to be a fashionable retreat since the 18th century. The beach is totally unspoilt and is surrounded by greenery all around. With its mineral enriched mud, the locale is also famous for its spring water thus making it a great choice amongst tourists wanting to visit a spa.

Visit the Aglona Basilica, which is an important pilgrim spot. This Roman Catholic religious centre has been existing since the year 1699. There are ten altars here and one of them has the icon of the Virgin Mary which is believed to have saved Aglona from the 1708 plague.

Then there is the Tervete nature park which is a great picnic spot with the best surroundings and beautiful sculptures and memorials. With many activities like horse riding, cycling, bird watching and fishing, this is a perfect tourist haven.

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