The land of the “Open Windows”


Albania is a country which is situated at some beautiful land in Europe. This country is still gradually emerging from Communism but is known to be one of the ideal tourist destinations to visit in the world.

Known for its varied and rich beauty across the globe, this place is simply a marvel to visit. The people here are friendly and the atmosphere of the place is simply awesome. The food here is cheap and delicious and the scenery here is known to be simply stunning.

Places to visit in Albania

There are many places where you can visit in Albania. These places are known to be ideal tourist destinations.


Durres is known to be one of the ancient port and also the second largest in the city. The city was believed to have been colonized in 627 BC by the Corinths and the Korkyras. This place is known to be the main port of Albania and is known to be a modern tourist city. This place is simply amazing as a tourist destination since there are many places where you can walk around in the evenings along the promenade and also get to enjoy some of the restaurants and the bars here. This place has a typical Italian feel. One of the most amazing sites to visit in this place is the “huge Roman amphitheatre” which is situated in the centre of the port city. This place is known to be the largest among the Balkans with 15,000 seats and the colossal theatre is also a place of great tourist interest where the gladiatorial games are hosted. This place had been built in the 78 – 117 BC and contains the Early Christian crypt which has rare wall mosaics. In the year 1966 this was discovered and almost around 25% of it still remains buried. A must visit is the Archaeological Museum of Durres which houses some of the ancient relics which are found in the area.


Berat is a beautiful city which is known to be the “City of one thousand windows”. This city is located south of Albania and has the slopes of the Tomorri mountain where the castle of the city can be predominantly seen from. Inside the castle the Museum of Onufri is housed. This castle has a wonderful place where you can walk around. There are breathtaking places where you can visit here.


Apollonia is again one of the remarkable sites to visit in the area. There is a monastery of Ardenica here where you should not forget to visit. There is a church here which had been built in the year between 1743 and 1745 and this church still stands tall today. This place is known to be one of the ruined Corinthian cities which dates back somewhere around 600 BC. There are remains of temples and amphithetres which can be found here.

Albania is known to be one of the most amazing and one of the most remarkable places to visit in Albania. This place is simply the most ideal tourist destination to visit in the world.

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