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“The City of Lights”, as Paris is referred to, is one of the most coveted destinations by people all over the world. The city is suitable for all kinds of vacations, be it honeymooning, backpacking, family touring, the list is endless. The magic that this city holds over so many travelers who come here is stuff for legend. The city is spectacular in its being, with a whole number of sights, senses and sounds that make for a heavenly experience. Planning your Paris vacation involves drawing up an itinerary of sorts that include the major attractions of the city, plus a number of aspects that are unique to Paris, and make the city what it is.

There are a whole number of attractions in Paris that are related to culture and history that should be missed at no cost. Take a look at the attractions described below, and make sure you include these as part of your itinerary for Paris sightseeing.

Top attractions you should never miss on a Paris vacation –

Eiffel Tower –

Eiffel Tower is certainly one of the most iconic structures of all time, and has come to be recognized all over the world as a symbol for Paris it self. The tower is certainly a must see, and is included in almost everyone’s list. Certainly a must include element in your Paris vacation, the tower can be climbed, and houses two restaurants that are rather steeply priced, although the incomparable setting just asks for it.

Moulin Rouge –

Moulin Rouge is a famous cabaret in Paris, the perfect blend of music, dance and entertainment also promises glimpses of epic romance. Even the décor of the club is reminiscent of France’s romantic tradition, and there is a palpable sense of romance in the very air at Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge is described as the spiritual birthplace of the can can dance.

Louver Museum –

The Louver is of course a must visit, with some of the greatest artists in the world exhibited here, there is probably no other museum in the world that has as rich a collection of art.

Fashion and Style –

If any city deserves the title of Fashion capital of the world, it is Paris. World famous designers have their base in this city, and the huge number of shopping centers and boutique stores in the city will give you opportunities to browse, buy, drool at the very latest in fashion, all over the world.

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