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Located in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary is perhaps the most visited place in Eastern Europe. Known as the Republic of Hungary, it has the country of Slovakia to the north, Croatia and Serbia to the south, and Romania and Ukraine to the east. With Budapest as its capital, Hungary today is a much loved spot by many tourists. While here, there are many places that you can visit and get enriched with a Hungarian experience.

So come to the capital city Budapest and enjoy the beautiful sights here. Situated in the northern part of Hungary, the city of Budapest is a great tourist hub. With the River Danube flowing nearby, the city is an intriguing spot with its lowest height being around 150 meters and the highest height being 500 meters. Enjoy the lovely Buda hills here and also the majestic Margaret Bridge which is a landmark in this region. Many baroque churches dominate Budapest and the tourist is sure to come back with a lot of cherishabale memories.

Go to Siofok and enjoy the travel experience in this city situated on the banks of the River Balaton. It lies exactly at the place where the Sio canal meets. Siofok belongs to the County of Somogy. Budapest is around 105 kilometres from Siofok and the place is resplendent with the ultimate natural ambience and the best of idyllic surroundings.

Then you have the Gyor which is situated in northwest Hungary. The main feature of this place is that it has three rivers passing through this region. So it is aptly called the “town of rivers”. The temperate climate and the pleasant weather coupled with the comparatively warm summer makes it a great locale to be in on, a holiday.

Go round Heviz and enjoy the beautiful locales of the place. This place is actually very special to Hungary because this is the region where the largest thermal lake in Europe exists. Spanning an area of around 47,500 square meters, this lake is ensconced amidst a lovely verdant forest. An average traveller would surely not have gone here. So if you haven’t, then make it a point to put it on top of a travel to Europe. A prized gem in the tour of Europe is the travel here.

Pecs is another place that is frequented by many tourists. A part of the Baranya County this place lies in the south western part of Hungary. Located around 32 km from the border of Croatia, this is an ideal tourist spot.

Then go to Eger and enjoy the superb ambience here and also the height of the place. The place is around 171 meters from sea level and is famous for having been inhabited by the Slavonic and the German tribes. Today not much remains of the ancient life, yet whatever is there is certainly an eye catcher for the tourist. A beautiful place to visit in the county of Heves.

Situated in northern Hungary, this is a great place to visit simply for its beautiful climate. It is so pleasant and comfortable that a tourist loves to enjoy the place at his leisure. Visit the wine making hub of Europe and experience the exotic.

While in Europe make sure you visit Hungary and while in Hungary do visit all these places which will give you the best travel experience.

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