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Seeing the northern lights or the aurora borealis is a lovely and most fascinating experience in Norway. The lights here at their best in the later part of autumn and in the months of winter and spring. This span of time between the spring and the autumn equinox is the duration when the area is dark between 6pm in the evening and 1am in the morning. You have all chances of spotting the northern lights during this time. But the weather is very important for this to be sighted. So the months of September, October, November are seen to be snow less and also wet in the northern side.

From the month of December the entire weather dries up and the entire place is full of snow. Come here in the months of December and January and see how well the polar nights look beautiful and makes the trips here very memorable.

Norway has longer days in February and March and so you would get to see more of the beauty of the landscapes laden with snow in the daytime. The evenings thus give you great options to see the lovely northern lights. But all this depends on the climate. If you are lucky you would get the best displays of northern lights several times. When the snowing is denser then the northern lights are not visible. The longer you stay in Norway the more you can see the northern lights.

So exactly where do you get to see the northern lights in Norway? The best place to see it is the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. The entire belt is seen to get lit up in the Lofoten Islands and it follows the entire coast up to the North Cape. So this is the only place that would give the best chances of spotting the beautiful lights. In fact it is sent that one sees the same northern light in Tromso as in Lofoten. The inland has the dries weather and gives the best chances but due to the winds the coast is clearer than the inland regions.

If you want to get a great sight of the northern lights then go to a place that is moonless and that is not lighted up. This makes your sighting very unique. Aurora is said to be an unpredictive lady so you really wouldn’t know when she decides to fascinate you. The diva is said to keep everyone waiting. So make sure you have a lot of time in hand when you see the northern lights. The northern light enthusiasts do a lot of activities like cross country skiing to keep warm and so that they can be entertained.

The northern lights thus a great favourite of all tourists coming to this part of the world. So see them here in Norway and as they fill the whole sky completely bask in the pleasures of a great sight.

Driving your snowmobile is a major activity here. There are many tour operators who enjoy organizing tours here. There are tours and other presentations and exhibitions in Norway which are ways of getting great experiences in dog sledding.

Come to Finmark and enjoy the dog sledding here under the lovely brilliance of the northern lights in the PasvikValley. This is located on the Russian border and enjoy the northern light tour in the semi capital of Karasjok.

Have the best northern light experiences and enjoy the entire scene. You are at the total mercy of nature here and you would surely love to enjoy the beauty of natural acts here. Observing the aurora borealis is normally a great tug of war between the aurora itself and patience. So it is better if you are in this area for at least two weeks and then you are sure to be rewarded by its sight unless the weather doesn’t undergo any change.

Each appearance of this fascinating sight is unique. Sometimes there are three green bands across the night sky. Sometime they come as flickering curtains. The colour is usually a luminous green and have a dash of pink alongside the border. The color palette has been such since the 1980s

If there is considerable activities then the northern lights explode in a fraction of a minute. The next minute you would not believe you were actually witnessing something so spectacular. That is the beauty of the northern lights in Norway.

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