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Come to Monaco and enjoy the pleasures of great travels in this part of the world. Visit the beautiful region filled with the sights that remain etched in your mind. Visit Monaco and get enchanted by the structures, architecture and elegant experiences here. the open air museum, the Place du Casino are all witness to the presence of beautiful sights here in this beautiful land of Monaco.

Enjoy the Mediterranean ambience and experience the pleasures of a great land filled with the best of memories. Monaco Bus Company gives the opportunity to move through this lovely region conveniently and the network of buses cover all the places of attraction here. The exotic gardens, the beautiful centers of business and the Louis II Stadium are all great attractions here in this beautiful land of delights.

Monaco is also the place where you have the solar boat bus which connects the Casino with Monaco Ville.

Visit Monaco Town and discover the sights of a beautiful land dating back to middle ages. This is where you would get the beautiful Place Saint Nicolas and also the Chapel of Mercy besides the Placette Bosio. The Cathedral and the Palais de Justice is a beautiful building of the Roman Byzantine era which has been built sometime back in 1875.

This ancient Place du Palais where you would surely get to see the changing of guard in front of the Princely Palace and also the best of the Renaissance constructions is a must see in tours to Monaco. The palace has been the caretaker of traditions of ancient ages and the best fascinations of gallery styled in Italian designs and have frescoes dating back to the 15th century. There are many interesting memories here like the Main Courtyard with the double staircase made of Carrara marble. Then there is the Hercule Gallery which is another beautiful structure with its 15th century frescoes. The sight of the majestic Louis XVth lounge is another attraction there alongwith the Mazarin room which has beautiful wood paneling. The entire visit is around 40 minutes

Then you have the Museum of Napoleonic Souvenirs and Collections of the Historical Archives. It has a great collection of things that belonged to the First Empire here. These are things that were used by Emperor Napoleon. You can see the clothes belonging to the Roman kind, the souvenirs belonging to Saint Helen and basically the history of the Principality.

Further from here you would get to see the beautiful surroundings and as you stroll along the palace you would reach the Saint Martin Gardens. It was planted sometime in the year 1830 during the rule of Prince HOnore. Today these gardens surround the Oceanographic Musuem. This is another beautiful attraction of this region.

The Oceanographic Institute was taken care f by the Commandant Cousteau. It was mainly for marine sciences and today it has some of the best coral reefs in the entire world. It has a lovely shark lagoon and also some 400 cubic metres of water with hammerhead sharks and fascinating stingrays which are found swimming in front of the reef with many corals and fish in it. The entire institute visit would be around two to three hours.

Right in front of the institute you would get to see the Azur Express tourist trains. These trains look lovely in the national colours and take the tourists on a daily tour with a French, English, German and Italian commentary. Discover the fascinating palaces and old towns here and also the ramparts and the related beauty. This is a half hour tour.

There are screenings of films near the Oceanographic Museum and these screenings occur every hour. Tourists love to see the shows which last for more than 35 minutes. Situated on the Rock at Place de la Visitation, tourists also get to see the Museum of Chapel of Visitation that is a portion of the Baroque style chapel belonging to the 17th century. Here one finds the sacred works of all kinds of art and also many other artistic masterpieces. This is again a half hour tour.

Then there is the Monaco Town Walk that takes around 2 hours. There is a play area for the children which is positioned in the beginning of the Saint Martin Gardens and is very much liked by all the tourists.

Visit the beautiful land of Monaco and add a lot of interesting things to your travel kitty.

Monaco is a great destination to visit in this part of Europe and fills your travels with immensely interesting experiences.

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