Miniatur Wunderland Launches World’s Largest Model Airport


Miniatur Wunderland, famous for housing the largest model railway station in the world, has recently unveiled another project – the biggest scale model airport in the world. The project entailed a total of $ 5 million in construction costs and six years in development. The airport is now open for public viewing.

Miniatur Wunderland is situated close to the River Elbe in the Speicherstadt region in Hamburg, the second biggest city in Germany. The Miniatur Wonderland airport is fully operational and has been designed after none other than Hamburg Airport itself, which is in fact the oldest airport that served in commercial aviation history.

The miniature model of Hamburg Airport is perfection at its pinnacle. The model resembles the original in an extensive array of details. The mini airport has runways with red and blue lights, bright yellow lights that impart a nighttime glow to the airport, tow trucks, cars, and, of course, Airplanes.

The paths here have been marked in white paint for directing the vehicles. There are lampposts, street lights and a huge number of minute details that make you marvel at the incredible detail and the patience it must have required.

There are 40 airplanes featured in the Miniatur Wunderland airport model. There are plane models of both Boeing and Airbus planes. There are brand names such as KLM, Emirates, TUI, Air France, Airberlin, Lufthansa and more displayed on each aircraft. There are ninety vehicles, all of which that are self operational along the runway. The vehicles can move on their own and direct themselves as they are installed with a “car system” that is managed externally via computer.

The most astounding thing about Miniatur Wunderland Airport is that the planes can actually leave ground and take off. The runway has tiny wires connected to the base of the aircraft which facilitates running, and then lifts the aircraft above ground at the end of the runway.

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