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With beautiful settings, and a lovely ambience, Macedonia is the land with the best lakes and the most magnificent mountain ranges. Tourists come here to see its  history and tradition and also to experience the scenic beauty and the places of luxury. The places here are so exotic and memorable that the tourist remains mesmerized for a long time. 

Visit Lake Ohrid in the Ohrid city which is one of the three water bodies that is located on the border of the mountains between Albania and Macedonia. This is one of the oldest European lakes and has a great aquatic ecosystem.

Lake Ohrid

Proceed to the Monument of Meckin Kamen which is a famous spot to visit here. This is also known as the Bear’s Rock and is more famous because of the legend that is attached to it. This tourist destination also has the Pitu Guli Monument, which has the legend which talks about the  duke who fought heroically to save the Krusevo Republic nest . The monument today is on  the place where he was killed. 

Pelister National Park which is the second largest national park, and the oldest in the Macedonian Republic is also worth visiting. Filled with the best flora and fauna, the unique pine molica, is found here. With the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, as the background, the landscape has a beauty which is enviable. With the plethora of wildlife, this is one of the best tourist areas in Macedonia. The skiing facilities here are exciting, and the facilities of a mini golf and handball, besides volleyball and tennis are great sports adventures.

Pelister National Park

The Treskavev Monastery and Church which was founded sometime in the 12th century is a must see. This is on top of a mountain in a remote part of Macedonia. The Byzantine paintings here are greatly famous and the high quality image of the paintings, are greatly admired by all. 

The Marko’s fortress near the Prilep city is a great spot and shouldn’t  be missed, in Macedonia. NO one knows when this was built but this was one of the greatest castles of medieval times. This site is an archaeological wonder and is a great place in this part of the world and gives you a preview of the history in the city. 

Go to Skopje the capital of Macedonia situated on the banks of the River Vardar. A great historical centre of the Balkans the city has been witness to historical disasters and the earthquake of 1963 has destroyed major portions of Skopje. Still the city has a lot to offer and it is worth going round this place and seeing the domes built in the Turkish style here. Also see the beautiful mosques and minarets which are a major feature here.


The lovely Turkish baths in the old Skopje city and the Oriental Bazaar which is a great place to shop for handicrafts are other Skopje attractions. See the beautiful ambience unfold and welcome you into its touristic pleasures. 

You have the Municipal Art Gallery at Skopje which is famous for all its magnificent artifacts. The Church of Sveti Spas is also a major tourist attraction. See the Mustafa Pasha where you can see the minaret and also go up on the top and get to see the panoramic view of the city.

Macedonia is a great place to visit when you are in this part of Europe. Make sure you are here during one of those tours to this part of the world.

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