Ljubljana Sightseeing Attractions and Architectural Pleasures


Come to the land of the European pleasures and get to see the best of travel delights and tour pleasures. Come and enjoy the absolutely fascinating delights here and go back with a travel experience that is very cherishable.

Ljubljana in Europe is one of the best travel locales in this part of the world and fills your travel kitty with what you had always wanted to cherish and what you always wanted to witness.

While here in Ljubljana, see the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, which is a church built by the Augustinians and is the main symbols of the city which is a greatly strategically located in the central Preseren Square. This is the most striking colour of the locale and it has a triple staircase that is in front of the Square and has been a greatly popular site for all the artists on the street, and also for the tourist visiting here. Anyone who comes here likes to feel the city come alive and so enjoy the Triple Bridge here which is another important sightseeing locale in Europe.

Then there is the Dragon Bridge, which is an absolutely mesmerizing landmark in Ljubljana and is one of the most popular sights of the entire city. There are four green dragons with two on either side and they are found attracting every tourist coming to this part of the world. The bridge has a history that says that it was earlier a wooden bridge and was called the Butcher’s bridge. In the year 1901, the bridge today was built in the art style ad was dedicated to the Hapsburg Emperor Franc Jozef. The years of rule are shown on the sides showing the exact time of his rule. The bridge today is made of reinforced concrete and is one of the first European bridges and is easily seen from the Triple Bridge and stretches across the River Ljubljanica.

The Triple Bridge is another lovely sight at Ljubljana and is perhaps the most fascinating and popular bridges in the city. The bridge connects the Old Town with Preseren Square and is indicative of a famous meeting point and is the ideal place where artists and street musicians meet and perform too. The marketplace lies on the left side and the Old town is on her right hand side with the main square lying behind.

Go to the Cobbler’s bridge which is also known by the name of the Shoemaker’s Bridge and is another beautiful tourist attraction in this part of the city. One can see it by the pillars that stand up and the lamps that are seen supporting the structure and also the stone balls. The bridge is a major link from one side of the town to the other. There are places in the bridge for the artists, musicians and also painters alongwith tourists who come here to take photos of the place.

Preseren Square is another main Ljubljana square which is dedicated to Dr. France Preseren who is a great Slovenian poet and as his statue is found in the middle of the square in the city it is surrounded by the best collection of buildings. The market and the river are connected by the Plecnik’s Triple Bridge and the spot is a perfect city sight. People normally assemble here for a chit chat and you can enjoy the musicians and the locals enjoying the feel of being in this city of pleasurable sights and beautiful travel delights.

Then there is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas which is another main church of Ljubljana and is the biggest too. With the great height and the two green bell towers, this is a lovely structure with a visible dome and a great basilica which belongs to the 13th century. It was in the year 1700 that the church was to be built and the major religion here in Slovenia being Roman Catholicism, the cathedral is a major attractions.

With the University of Ljubljana, the Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, Ljubljana Orthodox Church and the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra building being other pleasures the land of Ljubljana is certainly a must see in Europe travels.

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