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Come to the most enchanting cities in Europe and get to see the ideal pleasures of being in the lovely land of enchantment and surprises. This is the best place for great exploration and the most fascinating relaxation zones. Get the pleasures of the best fine dining and the most intriguing bar club culture in this part of the world.

Come to Ljubljana and enjoy the lovely way this city has evolved into a great travel destination. The city was actually ruined by an earthquake sometime back and the old town that lies along the Rive Ljubljanica gives an ideal mix of modern architecture and beautiful sights of the classical types.

Come to Slovenia’s largest city Ljubljanica with its medieval hilltop Castle which is a great region of the most breathtaking sights of this lovely city. Get the bird’s eye view of the city from the topmost Castle.

Ljubljana is a great hub of heritage, culture and art forms. There are many festivals that are celebrated here andLjubljana is a great metropolis with the most fascinating castles, churches, river cruises, boutique shops and the ideal sight seeing locales. Come to Lake Bled and enjoy the pleasures here. Come here and enjoy the river cruises. ‘

Go along the waterside streets and enjoy the surprise that greets you ever corner and you are sure to find something of the greatest interest. Ljubljana city has the ideal tourist sights and the most interesting places to go to.

Then you have the Cankarjev Dom Culture and congress centre which is a greatly functional place with a lot of interest for all the explorers who come here in search of a little bit of travel pleasure and luxury. The centre has many halls and hosts a lot of theatre shows, operas, musical concerts and also ballets. There are many political events which happen here and the Congress centre that is found here in the Republic Square was a masterpiece of Ravnikar.

Then there is the Dragon Bridge and the triple bridge which are the two main features of the Ljubljana city. There are many who come there to this land of tourist locales and they love to walk back to history and take photographs here on this bridge. Crossing over the River Ljubljanica River this is a perfect testimony to the past Art Nouvearu architecture. It seemingly has replaced a bridge made out wood and was the first bridge to be constructed out of concrete in Ljubljana. In fact it is the first concrete bridge to be built in the continent of Europe. The bridge has a lot of decorative features made by the very famous architect Jurij Zninovic. With many statues made out of copper which then actually went on to become the symbol of the capital.

Go to the Preseren’s Square where you can see the Franciscan Monastery which belongs to the 17th century. This beautiful historical locale is a great place to see on the map of sightseeing. Don’t miss this Church with the lovely pink outer façade and go to the main altar that was designed by Francesco Robba. The monastery has more around 60,000 volumes and also manuscripts. Earlier an Augustian church today the church belongs to the Franciscan order. There are many students who meet on the steps of the church and the church is generally a great centre of activity. This is linked to the monastery and is a major attraction during the holidays when people come here just to experience the beauty of the construction here.

When you come to Ljubljana then Joze Plecnik is a name you should not forget. This architect converted Ljubljana to a capital from an earlier provincial town. he had the vision and the artistic abilities to bring about a lot of attractions in the city and is the one who brought about the Tivoli Park, the St.Michael’s Church and the Three Bridges as also the St. Francis Church.

Ljubljana is a lovely place in Europe and provides ideal travel pleasures.

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