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Existing since the year 482 AD the city of Kiev was discovered on the right bank of the River Dnipro by the Schek and Kyi and Khoryv with their sister Lybid. The city was named by them as Kiev in memory of their brother. With a great history behind it, the city was the centre of the Kievan Rus State which grew in history as a great region and today stands tall in tourism.

Today Kiev is a combination of a great megapolis in Europe and has all kinds of architectural landmarks and constructional elegance. There are many places to visit in Kiev and it is interesting to note how this ancient town today is a great travel spot.

Visit the Dnipro Embankment and see the River Dnipro lying on the banks of the river Dnipro which is incidentally the third largest European river. This lying in the district of Podil and lying next to the Poshtova Square makes a great travel pleasure. So sail along the Kiev embankments and see the other sites that are situated on the River Dnipro and go up to the Black Sea and enjoy this international cruise.

Also go to the National Opera of Ukraine which is situated at the junction of Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Streets and Volodymyrska. This is today a greatly architectural piece of Kiev. This building built in the Renaissance style has been existing since the year 1901 is based on a design of the Russian architect Viktor Shreter. In the year 1917, the all Ukrainian Military Congress was held in the theater which was first founded by the first Central Rada. The theater went a lot of reconstruction and today is a major sightseeing attraction.

Then of course there is the St. Michael’s monastery which is a greatly significant cathedral having special significance. The golden domes of this cathedral is a main attraction and it was built in the year 1108 to the year 1113. Kievan Prince Sviatopolk built this but the church was destroyed in the year 1930 and years after that by the Bolsheviks. Then in the years between 1997 to 2000 the monastery was restored properly.

Visit the Kiev Pechersk Lavra which is one of the oldest Kievan monasteries and has a history going back to the year 1051. It was Anthony of the Caves who founded it. In the year 1062, there were many buildings that were erected in Lavra, and then many stone temples, buildings and monastic cells that were erected. Since the year 1990, the architectural structure of this lovely Kiev Pechersk Lavra has been a permanent source of attraction. Today the Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then there is the Bohdan Khmelnitskyi monument which is famous for its construction and the granite pedestal. It was in the area of St. Sofia Square that the Kievites celebrated after the victory in a battle against Polish gentry in the year 1648. Then the monument came up in the year 1888 in front of the St.Sophia Cathedral.

The Monument to St. Volodymyr is a great symbol of Kievhistory and architecture. Situated around 70 metres above the Dnipro level, this is a greatly visited spot by all tourists. Since the year 1853 the bronze figure of the Rus Baptizer is still there erected on a 16 metre pedestal. You can reach the Volodymyrs Hill from Poshtova Square of from the Golden Domed Cathedral.

The Khreshchatyk  is another place of attraction here.

You will never regret taking a trip to this wonderful place.

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