Kenilworth Castle


Kenilworth castle was a stately stone edifice in its day. The castle ruins are the largest in England at present. The castle ruins let us have a glimpse, albeit fleeting, at the glory of the castle in its heyday. The castle was a motte and bailey fortress. These kinds of castles were easier and quicker to build, as opposed to stone castles, and offered considerable protection, enough to ward off small attacks.

Kenilworth castle has an inner bailey, and here stands the huge Norman keep here with massive forebuilding. There is also a n umber of palace style buildings from the 13th century John of Gaunt period. There are also a number of 16th century buildings from Robert Dudley’s time. These buildings are interestingly styled. In the outer bailey, there are stables, a long range of them, plus the gatehouse of the earl of Leicester.

Kenilworth castle has a tall curtain wall around it. The wall has round towers placed at polygonal positions. There are also two lakes that did their bit to defend the castle. There is also a great barbican that has stone and earth flankers as well.

Also, make sure you go to the warwick castle, located at about five miles in the south, and five miles to the north east lies the Baginton Castle.

The castle is situated at the center of the town, and can be accessed by the Castle Road. The location is close to six miles in the south west from Coventry.

Child (5-17 years)£8.50£7.70
Concession £12.50£11.30
Family (2 adults, up to 3 children)£36.50£33.10
Family (1 adult, up to 3 children)£22.50£20.40
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  • Notes    1 Apr – 1 Nov, daily 10 a m- 5 p m
  • 2 Nov – 28 Feb, daily 10 a m – 4 p m
  • 1 – 31 Mar, daily 10 a m – 5 p m
  • 24 – 26 Dec and 1 Jan closed

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