Icy Tales From Iceland


Visit Iceland the beautiful land of pleasures and fantasies. This is the place where one gets to see the best of tour sights and the most ideal travel ecstasies. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a great land that has pleasurable delights. Visit this trendy country filled with perfect tour delights.

Come here to Reykjavik and see how well this hip capital is and how beautiful the surroundings are. There are innumerable cafes and fascinating pubs here that provide the best travel experience. Visit the city here which is like a giant town. there is something very beautiful about the design and the technology here and so the architectural regions of the world are the best and also the most enchanting. Reykjavik is a place that is very expensive today and has got to be much cheaper than you ever thought.

Today Iceland is the most popular place for all tourists coming to have some leisure time and exotic experiences. There are crowds here yet the tourists love to come here and see sights like the mineral heated sea water here and the geothermal plant are what make the place an ideal travel spot. come here and enjoy the surroundings of the national park here. This is today a World Heritage spot and has become interesting for two reasons. This is he place where the longest running parliament of the world has been had and it is also the region where the continental shelf plates of the two regions of Europe and North America are being separated.

The northern lights are stable here in the months of September to April. These lights are the greatest wonders in this part of the world. The dark skies of Iceland and the beautiful sights here provide the country with the best of sights and make travels here a perfect experience to remember.

Iceland also has some of the most famous waterfall tumbles and thus the sights of the beautiful canyons and the huge sprays of water makes tours here very interesting and fascinating. The rainbow formations here along with the gorges makes travel scenes here very enviable. An amazing sight, this is a perfect treat for all who want to experience a nice hike.

People come here for a glacial trek and tourists love to come here and walk on them. Take the advantage of having great locations and make your visits here perfectly enjoyable.

Dog sledding is also something that is very popular here and so the highlight of the trips here are mainly enjoying the adventurous spirits intact here. the Jokulfirdir glaciers are very famous and the West Fjords are popular here. The Drangajokull is another region which is found in the high plains of this part of Iceland. Then there is Jokulsarlon which is another beautiful glacier lagoon. This is a glacial river lagoon which is in Iceland and is part of the shortest rivers in the region of Iceland. This is around 1500 metres long.

Iceland is very famous for the gravel roads here and so the durable vehicles here have a good time riding on the snow. When one comes here one also gets to see lot of trips that are made by buses coming here. There are professionals who have guided tours and also landscape sights. This makes the tours very welcoming here and so one goes to see the Blue Lagoon, the Geysir, Gullforss and the Thingvellir.

Asbyrgi is another place that is a wonderful gift of Mother Nature here. this is a beautiful canyon with around 100 high walls surrounding it. Asbyrgi is the place that is found in the northernmost part of the national park at Jokulsargljufur.

Then there is Myvatn which is a naturally beautiful place and is a special region filled with a lot of tourist activity. The geothermal area lies east of the region of Namaskardur. The entire lake has the Laxa draining it and it is today one of the best fishing rivers in this part of Iceland.

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