Don’t forget to visit Hampton Court Palace during your visit to London


Hampton Court Palace is an imperial palace placed in the region of London Borough off Richmond over Thames in the south-western region of London; moreover has not been resided in by any of the British regal family ever since the 1800s. The palace is positioned approximately 11.7 miles in the south-western region of Charing Cross as well as the upstream area of Central London over the banks of River Thames. Hampton Court Palace was in the beginning constructed for Cardinal Wolsey, who was a beloved of King Henry VIII, around 1514; in the year 1529, as Wolsey destroy from goodwill, the palace was been passed to the King and he bloated it.

The subsequent century, huge rebuilding and expansion scheme by William III intended to competitor Versailles was started. Work took a stop in the year 1694, which left the palace in 2 different complementary architectural fashions, familial Tudor as well as Baroque. While the styles of Hampton Court Palace are a misfortune of destiny, a harmony exists owing to the usage of pink bricks as well as a balanced, albeit unclear, matching of consecutive low wings.

Today, the Hampton Court Palace is kept open to the general public, as well as is also a most important tourist attraction. It is looked after by an autonomous charity, which is known as Historic Royal Palaces that is not funded the Government or else the Crown.

The Home Park of Hampton Court Palace is the location of the yearly Hampton Court Palace Festival as well as Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. By the side of with St. James’s Palace, it is one of merely two existing palaces out of the numerous possessed by Henry VIII

Getting there and around

The nearest airport to reach the Hampton Court Palace is London Heathrow Airport. If you want to make use of the boat service than get into the boats that run by the side of Thames River during the summer season, this service starts from Westminster later reaches Richmond on the river Thames as well as Kingston on the river Thames. The railway station which is placed closest to Hampton Court Palace is Hampton Court Station. The closest underground railway station are Wimbledon or else Vauxhall, after that overland the train services that will take you to Hampton Court Station. You can as well make use of the available bus services.

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