Guernsey and Alderney – beaches and More


Guernsey and Alderney are 2 islands that lie in the island group that makes up the 5 Channel Islands, which lie off the coast of France. The Channel Islands are known as Crown Dependencies, which means that they pretty much look after their own affairs. These islands are among the most underrated travel destinations in entire Europe, and have been neglected by tourists in Europe for quite a long time. However, there is a good range of attractions in these islands that makes for a rewarding holiday.

Guernsey island is second in size among the islands in the Channel Islands, and is considered as an ideal location suitable for making your base if you want to explore the island groups, as the accommodation and transport are decent here. Alderney is the 3rd biggest island among Channel Islands.

In addition to its uses as a base for discovering the other islands, Guernsey has a plethora of attractions of its own, extremely rewarding. There are a number of interesting museums here that have displays on myriad topics, principally on the history and culture of this region. There is a handful of some interesting buildings here, and these are interesting from a historical point of view. There are numerous monuments here as well that will interest those who are history enthusiasts.

Guernsey is also home to some beautiful beaches, the pristine sands and crystal clear blue waters here make for some of the heavenliest beach experiences. There are some beautiful locations here that are remote. There are also a number of coastal trails here that seem to stretch for miles on end. The Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery are among the most visited island attractions in the island of Guernsey. There are some majestic cliffs here that seem to tower over the island, and these make for some heavenly vistas. Hiking in these cliffs are the best activity to enjoy the scenery and the heavenly views.

You can see France from the island of Alderney, as it is just about 8 miles from the island. Alderney functioned as a German labor camp at the time of the world war two. Hundreds of men lost their lives here. Today’s Alderney is a far cry from the troubled times, and is a heavenly island that has all the intimacy and charming hospitality of the tiny island that it is. There are some quaint pubs here as well.

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