Gjirokastra, Albania


Gjirokastra is an Albanian city that is populated by almost forty three thousand. The city is located in southern part of Albania. It lies in the historically significant location of Epirus, and is the headquarters of both the Gjirokastra County as well as the district of the same name.

The old town of Gjirokastra is an Ottoman town preserved in its magnificence. The town has been proclaimed as a world heritage site by the U N E S C O. It is one of the rarest examples of a well preserved Ottoman Town. The town was built by the farmers of the large estate.

The city of Gjirokastra is known by a number of alternate names that is related to its history. The city is netled in a valley and has the Drino River on one side and the Gjere Mountains on the other side. The city is located at an altitude of three hundred meters above sea level.

The city has the Gjirokastra castle overlooking it. The city is also where Enver Hoxha, a communist leader from Albania, and Ismail Kadare, a famous writer. The Eqerem Cabej University is also located in the city.

The city was witness to a huge number of happenings that made it notable right from 1336, when it was known as Argyrokastro. Even in more recent times political upheavals and protests against the government made it famous.

Gjirokastra has a huge number of top class attractions for travelers. It has a great significance with respect to history and culture. In addition to the Gjirokastra castle overlooking the city, the old town is a fascinating visit for travelers.

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