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Genoa is one of Italy’s major cities. It is home to a population of more than six hundred thousand and is quite a bustling modern city. The city is a major port on the Ligurian Coast in the north of Italy, on the Italian Riviera.

Genoa has an illustrious history as among the finest cities in all of Europe during the medieval era. The city thus has a wealth of architecture.

The Via Garibaldi, old town street here, was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The street has numerous landmarks, and this includes the well known Musei di Strada Nuova, the Palazzo del Pricipe, as well as the world famous art college here.

Genoa’s old town dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century. The area is home to some marvels of architecture. This includes some splendid palaces owned by prominent families in Genoa.

There is the Palazzo Rosse for one, which has now been turned into a museum. The Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Bianco and the Palazzo Grimaldi are the other palaces in the city.

The La Lanterna is an iconic structure to Genoa. This is the most ancient active as well as the tallest lighthouse made of brick.

The Piazza De Ferrari is home to the Palace of the Doges, and the Opera. This is situated in central Genoa.

Genoa is also where Christopher Columbus was born. There is a house here that is said to be his birthplace, which can be toured in.  The Old Medieval City Gate has twin towers that can be checked out.

Also visit the Cathedral of St Lawrence, which exhibits a wide variety of architectural influences from Genoa over the ages. Actually the cathedral was consecrated originally in 1113, but was added to continuously over the centuries until sixteen hundreds.

The Boccadasse is a waterfront area in the east, which is home to a great seafaring ambience. The II Bigo monument, which is dedicated to Christopher Columbus, is located here.

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