Explore Arkansas: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Explore Arkansas and discover a world of stunning natural landscapes, rich culture, historic sites, outdoor activities, shopping and dining experiences – all waiting to be enjoyed! From the hot springs of Hot Springs National Park to the breathtaking beauty of The Ozarks, Arkansas has something for everyone. Enjoy wildlife viewing, festivals and events or simply relax in one of the many lodging options available. Come explore this gorgeous state and experience all it has to offer!

Key Takeaways

  • Natural thermal hot springs and bathhouses offer relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Arkansas’s rich history is preserved in Native American sites, antebellum structures, and historic tribes.
  • Outdoor activities like boating, fishing, and hiking provide adventure in beautiful landscapes.
  • Unique shopping experiences in boutique shops, outdoor malls, and historic downtown districts.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas is an excellent spot to visit for a relaxing getaway! Located in the Ouachita Mountains of Central Arkansas, Hot Springs offers natural thermal hot springs of varying temperatures from 104-126 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several bathhouses throughout the city that provide mineral baths and spas for visitors. The surrounding area is also home to Garvan Woodland Gardens which features 200 acres of botanical gardens with trails and waterfalls. Outdoor activities like boating, swimming, fishing or canoeing can be enjoyed on Lake Hamilton or the Ouachita River. With its natural beauty and plenty of attractions, Hot Springs is perfect for those looking to escape into nature without sacrificing any creature comforts.

Historic Sites

Discover the rich history of Arkansas by exploring its many historic sites. Native American tribes have left their mark in the state, and there are several sites devoted to preserving this important part of Arkansas’s history. Additionally, you can find a number of antebellum plantations and other structures dating back to before the Civil War. These remarkable sites serve as a testament to the past and provide visitors with an opportunity to explore Arkansas’s deep historical roots.

Native History

You’ll learn about the rich native history when you explore Arkansas. From ancient rock art to burial mounds, there are plenty of places to discover:
  • Prehistoric Sites: Visit the Toltec Mounds State Park and see the site of a ceremonial center that was built by Mississippian people around 1000AD. There’s also the Rock House Cave near Pinnacle Mountain, which contains prehistoric petroglyphs and pictographs left by Native Americans.
  • Trail of Tears Sites: Multiple sites in Arkansas mark where Cherokee peoples passed through on their way to Oklahoma in 1838-39 on what is now known as the Trail of Tears. Check out Rattlesnake Springs or Benge’s Stand for more information on this tragedy.
  • Historic Tribes: Learn about many tribes who have called Arkansas home throughout history including the Quapaw, Osage, Caddo, and Tunica tribes. Tour villages like Parkin Archeological State Park which has been reconstructed to look like how it did during its peak in 1500 AD when it was home to a thriving Mississippian community.

Antebellum Structures

Visit antebellum homes like the Dyess Colony Circle in Dyess, AR to get a glimpse of life during the 19th century. These structures were built before the Civil War and are often preserved as historical sites. Many of these homes feature classical architectural styles with columns, porticos, and tall windows that evoke a sense of grandeur. Touring these estates gives travelers insight into the lifestyles of wealthy pre-war families and their slaves. Several have been restored to look similar to how they did in their prime, complete with period furniture and decor. Others remain in various levels of disrepair but still offer unique photo opportunities for visitors. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to explore history firsthand, make sure to check out Arkansas’ antebellum sites!

Outdoor Activities

Experience Arkansas’ great outdoors with its many outdoor activities! From fishing and hunting to camping and hiking, there’s something for everyone.
  • Fishing:
  • Cast a line in one of the state’s many lakes or rivers.
  • Fish for bass, catfish, walleye, and more.
  • Grab a fishing permit before you go.
  • Hunting:
  • Take a trip to a wildlife management area or national forest for small game like rabbit or squirrel.
  • Big game includes deer, black bear, elk, and turkey.
  • Make sure you have the necessary license before hunting.
  • Camping & Hiking:
  • Pitch your tent in one of Arkansas’s amazing state parks for an unforgettable experience.
  • Hit the trails on foot – whether it be an easy stroll along spring-fed creeks or a challenging trek up mountain summits!
  • Spend days exploring nature at its finest!


Shop around Arkansas for unique finds! Whether you’re looking for souvenirs to commemorate your trip or the perfect gift for someone special, Arkansas has it all. Take a stroll down Main Street in Little Rock and browse the boutique shops that line the street. Or, if you prefer something a bit more eclectic, head to one of Fayetteville’s outdoor shopping malls. Here, you’ll find everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing. Don’t forget to check out Fort Smith’s historic downtown district too; with its charming shops and local art galleries, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. No matter what kind of shopper you are, there are plenty of options in this great state!


If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience, Arkansas has something to offer. From the award-winning culinary delights of Little Rock to the down-home country cooking in Pine Bluff and everywhere in between:
  • Southern Comfort: Enjoy some classic southern favorites like fried chicken, collard greens, and hush puppies at local eateries throughout Arkansas.
  • Local Favorites: Try regional specialties such as catfish, tamales, and pulled pork barbecue to get a taste of true Arkansas cuisine.
  • International Cuisine: Experience flavors from around the world with options ranging from Mexican food to Mediterranean dishes and everything in between.
No matter what type of dining experience you crave, there’s something for everyone in Arkansas!


Take in a show, play a round of golf, or explore the outdoors – Arkansas has endless entertainment options for you to enjoy. From live performances and outdoor recreation to festivals and historical sites, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a night out on the town, check out some of Little Rock’s hottest venues. Experience art and music at River Market Pavilion or catch a performance at Robinson Center Music Hall. You can also find plenty of local theaters that showcase plays and musicals during the summer months. For those who prefer outdoor activities, Arkansas is home to stunning landscapes with plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, and more! Visit Hot Springs National Park to soak in thermal waters or take an ATV tour through the Ozark Mountains. Plus, there are numerous fishing charters available throughout the state that provide trips for beginners as well as experienced anglers. For those seeking cultural experiences in Arkansas, there are many events that celebrate its unique history and culture. Visit Eureka Springs during Mayfest to celebrate local artisans or attend an open-air blues concert at King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena-West Helena each October. No matter what type of entertainment you’re after, Arkansas will not disappoint!


Exploring the many museums in Arkansas is a great way to get acquainted with the state’s history and culture. From historic sites such as the Old State House Museum of Arkansas History, to art collections like Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, to educational exhibits such as Mid-America Science Museum, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an engaging activity or just want to learn more about the region, these museums will provide you with plenty of opportunities to discover the unique stories and experiences that make up Arkansas’s diverse culture.

Historic Sites

Arkansas is home to many historic sites, some of which date back centuries. From the first English settlement in 1686 at Arkansas Post to the site of the Trail of Tears in 1838, there’s a wealth of history, heritage, and culture to explore.
  • Pre-European Exploration:
  • Toltec Mounds State Park
  • Mississippian Period sites
  • Native American petroglyphs
  • Civil War Era:
  • Pea Ridge National Military Park
  • Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park
  • Historic Washington State Park
  • Later 19th Century and Beyond:
  • The Albert Pike Hotel and Spa
  • Fort Smith National Historic Site
  • Crowley’s Ridge Parkway
Each location offers something unique – from artifacts to interactive exhibits – that allows visitors to delve into Arkansas’ past. Whether you’re interested in discovering new cultures or learning about an important era in U.S. history, these sites give you insight into our state’s diverse heritage and freedom story.

Art Collections

From its oldest art museum to its contemporary galleries, Arkansas is home to a variety of art collections that offer something for everyone. The Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock houses the state’s largest collection of works by state artists, including drawings, prints, photographs, and paintings. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville features more than 5,000 pieces from the Colonial era to the present day. In Eureka Springs, you’ll find the Thorncrown Chapel which boasts an impressive collection of stained glass windows designed by renowned architect Fay Jones. Lastly, don’t miss out on the Arkansas State University’s Bradbury Gallery in Jonesboro — one of the few university-affiliated art museums in America — featuring rotating exhibits from world-renowned artists. Whether you’re looking for classic or modern pieces, these diverse art collections provide an exciting glimpse into Arkansas’ unique culture and history.

Educational Exhibits

In addition to its impressive art collections, Arkansas offers numerous educational exhibits for visitors of all ages. From the science and history museums scattered across the state to interactive displays in many parks and nature reserves, there is something for everyone.
  • Science Museums: The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock and Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs offer hands-on activities that provide an immersive learning environment.
  • History Museums: Take a journey through time at the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program with permanent exhibits on topics such as slavery, civil rights, and the Civil War.
  • Nature Exhibits: Get up close and personal with Arkansas’s wildlife at locations like Beaver Lake Nature Center or Ozark Natural Science Center, where interactive exhibits encourage exploration.
Whatever your interests may be, visiting one or more of these educational attractions will help you gain a better understanding of this beautiful state!

Family Attractions

For families looking for fun, Arkansas has plenty of attractions. From the Little Rock Zoo to the Mid-America Science Museum, there’s something for everyone. The Clinton Presidential Library is a must-see for those interested in history and politics. Kids love Magic Springs Theme & Water Park and its rollercoasters and water slides. You can also take a scenic drive through Hot Springs National Park or explore nature at Buffalo National River. For more educational fun, visit Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art or the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. And don’t forget the weekend markets at Fort Smith Farmer’s Market! Whether you’re looking for thrills or just relaxing outdoor activities, Arkansas has it all!

Scenic Drives

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the beauty of Arkansas, then look no further than its scenic drives. From the majestic bluffs of the Buffalo River to the historical sites along US Route 67, natural beauty and unique sites abound in this great state. Whether you feel like taking a short jaunt or an all-day excursion, scenic drives are sure to captivate your senses and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Natural Beauty

Arkansas is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. From the mountainous Ozarks to the Delta region, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Ozarks: Explore the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains and view pristine forests, meadows, and streams. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking. The Delta: Visit Arkansas’ delta region to experience some of the state’s most unique landscapes. There are many state parks with breathtaking views of swamps, rivers, and wetlands that are full of wildlife. Hot Springs: Relax in one of Arkansas’ hot springs surrounded by lush forest scenery and breathtaking mountain views. Soak in mineral-rich waters while you take in all that nature has to offer!

Unique Sites

From its unique sites to its stunning natural beauty, Arkansas has something for everyone to enjoy. From the top of Mt. Magazine, visitors can take in incredible views of the Ozark National Forest and other areas of the state. The Buffalo National River is a great place to explore by canoe or raft, with opportunities for fishing and swimming along the way. The Talimena Scenic Byway offers dramatic views as it winds through some of Arkansas’ most beautiful forests and hillsides. Visitors should also check out the Hot Springs National Park, one of the oldest parks in America that features hot springs, thermal pools and baths, and breathtaking scenery. And don’t forget about Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – an iconic landmark located in Bentonville that houses some of the nation’s most renowned artwork from past centuries. With so many unique sites to explore, Arkansas is sure to provide a memorable experience!


You’ll love exploring Arkansas’ trails! From short hikes to multi-day adventures, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular routes:
  • Hiking:
  • Ozark Highlands Trail – With 159 miles and three loops to explore, this trail offers stunning views of the region’s natural beauty.
  • Ouachita National Recreation Trail – Spanning 223 miles, this trail traverses the state from east to west.
  • Buffalo River Trail – This 40 mile route takes you through one of America’s first national rivers.
  • Biking:
  • Delta Heritage Trail – This 85 mile recreational path runs along an abandoned railroad line between Helena and Lexa.
  • Womble Trail – A 24 mile stretch that passes through wildlife preserves in the Ouachitas.
  • Ozark Mountain Bike Festival Trails – Featuring a combination of beginner-friendly routes and more challenging ones perfect for experienced mountain bikers.


If you’re looking for an incredible outdoor experience, Arkansas is the place to be! With countless parks and hiking trails, you can take in stunning views while getting a great workout. From easy strolls along nature trails to more strenuous hikes up mountainsides, there’s something for everyone.

Hiking Trails

Hiking in Arkansas is a great way to explore the Natural State! With trails suitable for all levels of hikers, you can easily find an adventure that fits your comfort level. Here are some popular trails to get you started:
  • For Beginners:
  • Ozark Highlands Trail – This 175 mile trail stretches across the northern part of the state and features gentle terrain and stunning views.
  • Buffalo National River – Take in beautiful scenery as you hike along this 135-mile river that winds its way through the Ozarks.
  • Lake Ouachita Vista Trail – Enjoy 8 miles of easy hiking with plenty of scenic overlooks perfect for taking in breathtaking sunsets.
  • For Intermediate Hikers:
  • Richland Creek Wilderness Area – This area contains over 12 miles of rugged hiking trails leading past cascading waterfalls, deep gorges, and lush forests.
  • Devil’s Den State Park – Featuring 23 miles of trails, this park offers moderate difficulty hikes up rocky bluffs with picturesque views on every side.
  • For Advanced Hikers:
  • Ouachita National Recreation Trail – Spanning 192 miles across the Oklahoma/Arkansas border, this challenging trail will take more experienced hikers through mountainous terrain and dense forests.
No matter your experience level or preference, Arkansas has an array of amazing hiking opportunities waiting to be explored!

Scenic Views

Now that you’ve explored some of Arkansas’s best hiking trails, why not take in the stunning views? From sweeping mountaintop panoramas to meandering riverbanks, Arkansas has no shortage of scenic spots. Head to Little Rock for spectacular views from Pinnacle Mountain State Park or Lost Valley Trail. Or experience the beauty of Buffalo National River where you can canoe, kayak, and even swim! Then there’s Mount Magazine State Park – try standing atop Signal Hill for a breathtaking view. You’ll also find many gorgeous waterfalls throughout the state, like Hawksbill Crag near Ponca – make sure you bring your camera!

The Ozarks

The Ozarks is an area of stunning natural beauty with rolling hills and lush forests. It offers a wealth of outdoor activities, providing something for everyone.
  • Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, kayaking & canoeing, mountain biking.
  • Nature Appreciation: Bird watching, star gazing, waterfall viewing.
  • Historical Sites: Museums, old churches and cemeteries.
This region is truly a paradise for adventurers seeking to explore the great outdoors in all its glory. From awe-inspiring vistas to hidden gems tucked away in the forest, you can find numerous opportunities for exploration and discovery within the Ozarks! The fresh air and crystal clear water will invigorate your senses as you take in the breathtaking scenery that this beautiful part of Arkansas has to offer.

Wildlife Viewing

Experience the wonders of nature in the Ozarks and spot a variety of wildlife! From bald eagles to black bears, the Ozark region offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. With its rugged terrain, dense forests, and large rivers, Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains provide an ideal habitat for many different species. Birdwatchers can look for hawks, owls, blue jays, cardinals and more. For those seeking larger animals, deer are plentiful as well as bobcats and coyotes. If you’re lucky you may come across a black bear or even a cougar! The best time to go is spring or fall when temperatures are more moderate and animals are out feeding. Always be sure to practice safety when visiting wilderness areas; stay on trails and respect wildlife by keeping your distance. Enjoy your chance to observe these incredible creatures in their natural habitats – it’s truly an unforgettable experience!

Festivals and Events

Hit up one of the many festivals and events in the Ozarks for a unique experience! There’s something for everyone, from traditional arts and crafts to street parties to food fests.
  • Arts and Crafts: Attend one of Arkansas’ famous quilt shows or witness traditional skills like blacksmithing.
  • Street Parties: Enjoy outdoor concerts, art tours, parades, and more.
  • Food Fests: Sample the best local cuisine at food truck rallies or farmers markets.
Experience freedom like never before with these exciting activities that showcase Arkansas’ culture and heritage!

Lodging Options

Ready for a getaway? When traveling in Arkansas, you have plenty of lodging options to choose from. Whether you prefer the luxury of a resort or the comfort of your own tent, there is something for everyone. Hotels and motels are available statewide for those who want traditional accommodations with all the amenities. For outdoor adventurers, camping is accessible in both state parks and national forests across Arkansas. Some campsites even offer cabins or primitive shelters for rent! There’s also bed and breakfasts that provide unique experiences tailored to each traveler’s needs. With so many different choices, you’re sure to find a place that fits your style and budget perfectly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Arkansas?

The best time to visit Arkansas depends on what you’re looking for. Spring brings fresh blooms and mild temperatures, while summer offers outdoor activities and festivals. Fall showcases stunning foliage, and winter has its own special charm. Pick your season and explore the Natural State!

Are There Any Special Considerations for Visitors With Disabilities?

Yes, Arkansas is committed to providing access for visitors with disabilities. Many attractions and venues have accommodations such as wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Most cities offer special services like transportation and parking assistance.

Are There Any Safety Tips for Exploring Arkansas?

Be aware of your surroundings when exploring Arkansas. Familiarize yourself with the area and plan ahead. Carry a cell phone for emergencies, know the laws, and be aware of areas that may not be safe.

What Is the Best Way to Get Around the State?

The best way to get around Arkansas is by car. Renting a vehicle gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and enjoy the state’s many attractions.

Are There Any Hidden Gems or Lesser-Known Attractions in Arkansas That Are Worth Visiting?

Yes! Arkansas has plenty of hidden gems and lesser-known attractions worth visiting. From the waterfalls of Ozark National Forest to the Blanchard Springs Caverns, you’ll find something new and unique around every corner.

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As you can see, Arkansas has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors, take in some history, or simply relax with a hot springs soak, Arkansas has it all. From shopping and dining to festivals and events, there’s truly no shortage of activities here. With its stunning natural beauty and endless opportunities for adventure, Arkansas is an ideal travel destination that will leave you with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Come explore Arkansas today!

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