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Visit Ireland the breathtaking beauty in this part of the world and enjoy travels here like never before. There is something very mystical about this place and this is one region which gives our greatest travel luxuries. Find yourself bathed in an aura of an energetic region and get enchanted by the sight of the larger cities here which are waiting to be found and explored by you.

Ireland is a unique travel hub and is a lovely land with the windswept mountains and the rain soaked Islands. Come here and enjoy the ancient history here filled with a lot of thrill and excitement. Try the New Grange region here or the County Meath with the Hill of Tara. Absolutely beautiful this is a land of the Giant’s Causeway and the Kerry County. Ireland is not just countryside and landscape but much more than that. There is the Trinity College and the other major buildings in Dublin.

Go to the Boyne Valley which is a land filled with the greatest tour delights. This is a beautiful land in County Meath and has some of the most fascinating sites for you to go round. The Ireland monuments are found here and this is a World Heritage Site. There re lovely megaliths here which are found in the tombs within. There are graves that belong to a time of the past and also tombs that are older than the Pyramids of Giza and the Stonehenge in England. Come here and see the lovely New Grange region which was built around 5000 years back. This is in fact one of the most popular prehistoric site in Ireland travels.

Popular for a major event which is held on December 21, this is also known by the other name of Winter Solstice. This is a tomb that was constructed in such a manner that especially on this day this gets illuminated by a sunlight beam which actually manages to shine a lovely designed roof box. This is a must see for all and a very unforgettable experience for many.

Nobody knows who built this tomb and why it was built in this manner.

Then go to Bruna Boinne which is very popular for its very magnificent landscape. This is situated on the banks of the River Boyne and has some of the most magnificent structures. The New Grange, Dowth and Knowth are the famous here. Make sure you have at least half a day here to enjoy.

Burren is another wonder which is found in between the rough landscape of the Aran Islands and the beautiful Galway city which makes this a great experience in tours here. It is filled with the sights of the limestone plateau that is very often compared to a moonscape. With the strange rock structures here the old monuments and the lovely sights make this a great place to visit in Ireland.

Then visit the Hill of Tara which is the place where the ancient kings of Ireland had their headquarters. It is a great landmark here and is today seen as earthworks amidst lot of grass. There is an audio visual show here in a church nearby which gives you more understanding of the place.

Dublin is another attraction here and is one of the most fascinating in Ireland tours. It is a small region but has the greatest history ever. With the museums and sights here tours to Dublin make sure you go back with a great Ireland memory. Don’t come here on Saturdays as there is lot of crowd out shopping here.

Glendalough is also a very important place in Ireland. With the simple ambience and tranquil water bodies, this is a place which is very famous for its architecture and history. Enjoy the St. Kevin’s Kitchen here which is an earlier church and see the ruined cathedral.

Visit the Lakes of Killarney and the Ring of Kerry and enjoy this fascinating journey through the loveliest sights, the most majestic landscapes and the most awe striking mountains. This is the place of old charm and has a rustic look with its enchanting houses and castles. The summer is the best time to come here.

The Giant’s Causeway, and the Cliffs of mother, the Sligo and Area, the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park all  give you a great experience.

Overall, Ireland is one place which will leave you pining for more.

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