European imperialism


Imperialism implies the creation of empires, and this involves one country acquiring a number of others to add to the size of their empire, and also in the process gaining control and access to the economy, the military as well as strategic locations of the country. European imperialism was a predominant feature in the recent centuries, and most of the European countries expanded their empires to include those in continents such as Asia, Africa and the Americas. The British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch empires were famous in the previous couple of centuries. Although once a way of life, Imperialism is now held in disregard and is seen against humanity itself.

Building monuments have always been a primary implement of imperialism. It is said that the erecting monuments and buildings is a way of immortalization and a way of ensuring that the creator will remain famous in history along with the building itself. The structures are a symbol of the power and might of the creator, and the grander they are, the more attention will be attracted, and more famous the creator. The creator is a wrong statement, as it is generally the kings and dynasties that commission these buildings that remain famous. This certainly is no recent phenomenon. Even the Greeks, Romans, Mughals, Arabs, all of them have built stately monuments to immortalize their names, kingdoms and dynasties.

Certainly the majestic monuments built by the European Imperialists in their colonies have enriched the architecture, although it is a moot point what would have resulted if the countries have been left on their own. European Imperialismwas also useful in many ways with regards to building up infrastructure. But again we come back to the argument that the countries have nothing to thank the imperialists for, as they would have reached development sooner if they were not looted first to state it bluntly. But history can not be changed in any case, so the positive effects of European Imperialism should be thanked for, while the negative ones should be ignored.

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