Europe tours – An itinerary round this paradise


Just take these small tours in this part of Europeand enjoy the tour around this place. So go to London and get the sight of the white colored cliffs in Dover. You would cross the English Channel. When you arrive in this place you would have a great evening, and you will enjoy the Bohemian atmosphere in Paris, then of course the Montmartre which is great sight and has the view of the Sacre Coeur, and also explore the nightlife here which would surround the Moulin Rouge.

When on a Paris city tour then remember that this is one of the very many cities, which has a history of 2000 years and it would open up in front of your eyes. Feel the experience here and remember that this is the place of the French Revolution and where Napoleon and WWII have had their days. This tour would include the Louvre Museum, the place where the painting of Mona Lisa lies attracting the entire world. This is also the venue for the movie The Da Vinci Code. Also you would be taken around the sites of the revolution, the Place Vendome, the Opera House, and of course the Notre Dame and then a delicious lunch at the Latin Quartier. Take a boat ride in the River Seine and enjoy the scenic beauty, and find yourself gaping at the Eiffel Tower and then go to the top and enjoy the scene. Finally at the end of the day see the Napoleon’s Arc du Trimophe and also the Champs Elysees.

From Paris you could go to Switzerland and see the Swiss Alps and here you would also get the chance to stay in the village and there is a huge mountain here which you could see in the middle of the region of Jungfrau. Here you could get the best of scenery and have a great visit to the snow land where you can play with the snow. Here you find snow even in summer. You would be at a height of around 4000m. The glaciers here ensure that it is cold throughout.

From Switzerland you could go to Pisa in Florence. This is the Tuscan countryside and the fact that you are in Pisa land is in itself enough to set your pulse racing. You would get the best Italian cuisine here and you would quite settle down well to the surroundings. Such Europe tours would make your vacation.

Shop till you drop in Florence and visit the leather markets here .Then you could go to Rome where you would get to see the beauty of the place. Here you could see the Spanish steps, Pantheon, Navona, Trevi fountain, and the Colosseum.

Then go to Vatican City where you would find yourself in the smallest country in the whole world. From Vatican City go to Pompeii and then to Brindisi and then take a ferry to the lovely land of Corfu in Greece. Then you could take a cruise boat and go down the Adriatic and reach the Venice coast.

Get romantic, adventurous and explore the possible thrills in such Europe tours.

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