Europe on the CHEAP!


Backpacking in Europe with literally no money is now becoming more and more a thing of the past. Teenagers and students all over the world who used to backpack throughout the continent are not doing this anymore as costs of living continue to escalate in the continent, especially in Western Europe. For travelers, Europe is among the most costly regions in the world, and lodging, eating and other expenses are no longer possible in the shoestring budgets.

The majority of Europe has turned extremely expensive, but despair not. There is still hope left, in the form of several countries that are still reasonable and affordable. These countries are the cheapest in the European Union, but are among the most beautiful, with some heavenly natural beauty, as well as some historical monuments and structures. There is no dearth to attractions in these countries. Majestic mountains, pristine beaches and cultural attractions, the following countries will let you do all this and more, ON THE CHEAP.


A country located in North Europe in the south eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania has acquired increasing popularity over the years. Lithuania has quite a few options for the budget conscious traveler.  The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius, and is a fascinating hub for culture, architecture and historical attractions. The Kernave Archeological Site is another notable location. Lithuania is certainly a rewarding option for a really affordable holiday.


Finland is among the most affordable countries in Western Europe for the visitor. The country’s middle age style towns as well as the heavenly Lapland region have some excellent views for the visitor. The Aland Islands are another spectacular destination. The country is among the most beautiful in the world. “Reasonable without being historically inevitable”.


A liberal mix of culture and nature, Slovakia can be called complete in every aspect, and that too at unbeatable prices. The cities are cultural focal points, while the vast streches of land seen to extend infinitely. Bratuslava has innumerable museums of the best quality. The country also has quite a few national parks. Slovensky raj is a class apart.


Why think of Costa del Sol when there is Portugal? Portugal has a long coast, and the pristine stretch is dotted with a number of remarkably affordable resorts. There are some walled towns as well nearby. For a change of scene you can head here.


Ukraine is another affordable country; cheap hotels abound in the region, only you have to know where to look. The Yalta area is where you should go to get a glimpse of the wine country. There are a good number of spas here, affordable enough. Some unbeatable prices can be had in Kiev as well.

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