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Come to Eastern Europe and you are bound to get the best sights and the most beautiful views. Come here to Estonia where you would find the Republic of Estonia at its best. This beautiful land in the region of Baltic in the Northern Europe is the place to be in if you want to see the best of spots and the most beautiful of lands. It has the Gulf of Finland in the north and the Baltic Sea in the west. Latvia in the south and the Lake Peipsi in the east. The Russian Federation also lies in the east. There is a kind of seasonal climate here and the Finnic people here a fun loving lot. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn and this is a great place to visit. The summer season is the ideal time to visit this land of more than 4 lakh inhabitants. The city has the best kinds of history of Estonia and the architectural beauties here are worth seeing.

Visit the southern part of Estonia and visit Tartu. This is a city with a lot of heritage and culture. This is the place where most of the students internationally inclined are found. This is also the venue where the summits and conferences are held and is a major stopover for the dignitaries from foreign land.

Located on the western coast of Estonia is the city of Haapasalu. It took around 12,000 inhabitants to convert this sleepy resort to a very popular tourist spot. One will find many islets here and the place is often called the Nordic Venice. ‘

Also see the land of Narva, which is located in the Russian Estonian border. There are around 68,000 inhabitants here and the place has a flourishing power and textile industry. The beaches here are full of lovely sand and the water here is extremely clear. The tourists come here to enjoy the beaches and also love to experience the calmness of the surroundings.

Then the waterfall zone of Jagala is also a great place which is called the Niagara Falls of Eastern Europe. The waterfall that is highest is the Valaste Falls and the Jagala is the most powerful one which is a great sight. This sight is very impressive and the fantastic scenic beauty is one to cherish for a lifetime.

Visit the Art Museum at Estonia and see the history of this place come alive. This has many homes that have come after the baroque Palace was reclaimed in the year 1946. The bombings of Soviet happened before this and the Palace has been restored to its past glory.

See the Tannenberg line which is the place where some of the important battle grounds of Eastern Europe are found. The year 1944 saw the battle with the SS forces where both the sides had lot of casualties. But eventually, the Soviet troops came out victorious.

Visit the Baltic Clint and see the longest continuous seaside cliff in this side of Baltic countries. There is a beautiful view here and the ocean looks fantastically blue. The entire view of the place is great and the whole experience memorable.

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