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Come to the Danish beauty, and get the great pleasures of being in this constitutional monarchy which is also a sovereign state and enjoy the pleasures of being in the lovely land of Denmark in northern Europe. The most southernmost of all the Nordic countries this is situated a little southwest to Sweden and also is south of Norway. It has the country of Germany bordering it and has a large peninsula Jutland and also many islands. The Funen, Zealand, Vendsysselthy, Bornholm, Falster and Lolland are all the beautiful islands found here. There are also many smaller islands which are known as the Danish Archipelago.

The Danes are really warm and happy people, and Denmarkis considered one of the happiest countries in this part of the world. It has the best quality of life and with the lovely winding streets that go up the region, this is a place whit the best excitement in these North European travels. In fact the restaurants in Copenhagen have more Michelin stars than any other hotel in Scandinavia. Danish cafes have great standards even on a normal day.

Denmark today is a great plethora of lively towns, and beautiful countryside with a lot of churches of the medieval era and also castles belonging to the Renaissance age dotting the region. There are very clean villages belonging to the 18th century which constitute the land of Denmark. Then the Neolithic Dolmen which have been preserved from as old as 2000 years make the entire experience very memorable. There are Viking ruins which are some of the memories we have of a long history which is very very enchanting.

Denmark is home to the best kind of fashion, architecture and also furniture with the best graphic design and it has been so since the last century. There is a great deal of class and sophistication which is evident in the beautiful craftsmanship and is a ride in the Copenhagen metro is also very enthralling.

Denmark is a greatly maritime region and the North Sea and the Baltic Sea bordering them. There is no place in the entire country that is far from the seashore and it is a great experience to see the lovely sandy locales of these beaches.

So when you are here, just stroll around and enjoy the beautiful sights in Copenhagen and enjoy the pleasures of this Danish tow and go back totally filled with your travel kitty. The decorative history here and the lovely collection of totally beautiful surroundings is what make a trip here very interesting.

Copenhagen is the mainstay of a trip to Denmark and the lovely ambience of this place is what attracts the tourists here. This is one metropolis which has memorable surroundings and beautiful fascinations.

Come to Funen which is a great island in Denmark and has Odense as the capital. With many fields here this island is rightly called “The Garden of Denmark”.

Then you have Arhus, which is a very important Denmark port and is also the second largest Dane city. Arhus is supposed to be the oldest Denmark city and is called the City of Smiles.

Also you have Herning, which is situated in the Jutland peninsula which is in the western part of Denmark. Established in the year 1800, this is a land which was reclaimed for activities related to farming.

Silkeborg is another vibrant city which lies in the Jutland region which is located in the middle of Denmark. This is the most active and the most modern centers in the country of Denmark.

Ensconced in the ambience of the Jutland peninsula this is a beautiful paradise in the south western part of Denmark and is called the gateway to the West and is till today a very important port in Denmark.

Denmark is a land of fun, adventure and a lot of historical interests.

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