Czech Republic – The Eastern European Dream Come True


This rapidly developed Eastern European country is the best place to be in a European tour. The facilities in Prague are so good that the entire experience is very much a Western European experience. All the countries which are outside Prague have a great challenging experience and the entire feeling of being in this country is something felt to be believed.

Prague is a great town for a tour. Walk down the roads in this city, and the history of this place would unfold. The interesting facts of the place and the compact combination of the facilities here ensure that the tourists have the best of experience here.

With the most fascinating places to visit in Czech Republic, Prague is one of the best cities in the Eastern Europe region. With a greatly well preserved and a lovely place of World Heritage Recognition, the UNESCO has made it a great tourist experience. Built in the 11th and the 18th centuries, a lot of architectural elegance is the highlight of this place. The Holy Roman Empire owes a lot of its structures and construction to this place. Especially when King Charles IV ruled here during the Middle Ages, the place was replete with a lot of such structural wonders.

The Old Town is connected to the Smaller Town or the Lesser Town by the Charles Bridge. The bridge stands over the river Vitava and the Prague Castle is also found here. This is where the ST. Vitus Cathedral is a also a tourist attraction. This is a great area where the city’s skyline is at its best. The place here has monuments which date back to the 14th century and most of them were built during the time of Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor. The Charles Bridge has some performers in the evenings and do make it a point to see these.

Surely the Castle in Czech Republic is a great attraction here and the cathedrals too are a site seeing spot to reckon with. Also make sure you go on one of those fascinating river cruises down the city of Prague and also see the lovely sights as you travel down the River Vitava.

The Old Town is inclusive of the lovely church of Our Lady of Tyn. The City Hall Tower is also a major monumental attraction which forms a major part of the tour of Eastern Europe.

Then of course you have the city clock tower which is a great timepiece that is synonymous with the city of Prague. Dating back to the 15th century, this is a piece with stupendous movements that also includes the 12 apostles. There are doors above the top clock and also the skeleton of death which is in an animated form. This actually is responsible for tolling the bell and seems to dance with the three figures that are represented here. They represent sins and they are at various levels on the sides of the clock.

Then there is the Wencelsias Square which is a huge garden and this is a major meeting spot for many in this part of the city. There are many buildings and colorful structures in the Old Town and the restaurants add to your palate requirements.

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