Charismatic Calabria


The astonishing city will introduce with the nature as it is surrounded by many mountains. The place located in Italy contains many tourist attractions like primeval churches and bridges. The unbelievable city’s only 10 percent land is flat and the rest of the city is covered by high hills. The ancient culture is still alive here and you would agree with the statement only after visiting there as the place will affectionately welcome you.  Located in the southern part of Italy, and it is enclosed by the seas of Ionia and Tyrrhenia. Even after being in a close proximity to seas, the region is mainly dominated by mountains. Aspromonte, La Sila, and Pollino are the prime mountain ranges and all the three are famous for its rich wildlife and plant life. The place was first attained by Oenotri and Itali tribes and both of them were Oscan-speaking. The city is famous for its traditional Italian Mediterranean cuisine and of course delicious pastas are also part of their food plate. Due to the incidents of crop failures and ever-changing seasons, the Calabrians mostly rely on food conservation and most of the food items are available in packets. The region is said to be came into existence during pre-historical era and its ancient cultural inheritance is still very much alive. Its traditional richness is verified from the existing monasteries, palaces, churches, castels, museums, etc.

The must-visit places

The region is witnessing many tourists from last many years and the major attractions are of course mountains and the sea shores. There are many tourist facilities available around these attractions. Some of the must visit places include:

Reggio Calabria

It is one of the ancient cities of Calabria and here you will be able to take glimpses of the breathtaking beaches and the views of gardens are also adding another feather in its cap.


The town possesses the Santa Maria dell’Isola sanctuary and the most beautiful beach.


A place where a Romanesque Cathedral is located, and it also contains many cultural foundations.


If you are interested in eating ice cream than directly head towards this place as the region is famous for its ice cream


The place is in a close proximity to ancient Sybaris’s excavation.


The place locates many breathtaking beaches, and best known for its nightlife.

Getting to Calabria


You can reach here by three airports namely Lamezia Terme Airport, Tito Minniti in Reggio Calabria and S. Anna in Crotone.


You can be here by Espresso as well as intercity trains.


You can attain the city by car also.


You can also opt for ship and to attain Reggio Calabria, boats are available from Sicily province.

Lively flora and fauna

Surrounded by many mountains and beaches, it is a very flora-rich city and it includes

The flora includes tomato, pepper, cauliflower, strawberry, zucchini, salad and even many types of flowers. Cypresses, bougainvilleas, peperoncin, and olive groves are also seen here. Its wildlife is consist of sparrows, owls, cardinal, red-colored deers, sheep, and goats, etc.

Nearby accommodations

Grand Hotel San Michele

The hotel offers you facilities like a private beach and golf courses. Even a beautiful farm is located in a close proximity.

Ferretti Hotel

The hotel’s structure will introduce with the traditional Mediterranean architecture. The hotel with spacious rooms is located in a close proximity of magnificent sea.

Porto Pirgos Hotel

Embellished in old as well as contemporary manner and from the premises you would be able to take a glimpse of magnificent sea.

San Fele

The premise is holding nature into its fold and they offer excellent food, pleasurable atmosphere, sports field, etc.

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