Cardiff – The Glory of Wales


The capital of Wales, Cardiff is among the most unique cities in Europe. A center for sports, culture, industry as well as extremely historically significant, Cardiff just abounds with attractions for the traveler. There is no dearth to sights here, and no tourist will find himself with nothing to see or do when he is in the greatest of Welsh cities, also among the greatest cities in the United Kingdom.

There are tourist attractions galore in and around the confines of the city of Cardiff, you do not feel the want for key sights. The stately civic structures are magnificent examples of the architecture of a by gone era. The historic castles located here, are among the best loved all over Europe. Wales has the most number of castles in one square mile than any other country in the world, and the castles and other structures here are in extremely well preserved condition.

The National Museum here is among the best museums in Europe, and contains a fine display of exhibits related to a whole lot of aspects that are significant as well as informative from the point of view of the history as well as crucial happenings in Wales’ past.

The St Fagans National History is located out side the city boundaries. This is an open air museum, and operated out of doors. Considered among the well managed as well as most interesting museums all over the world, the open air museum is a sight well worth seeing. The number of buildings that are now parts of the museum had been bought over from various locations all over Wales.

When you are finished with the tourist aspect of your visit to Cardiff, you would like to see more of the city apart from the touristy attractions. The city center of Cardiff has a lot on offer for visitors. The pubs of Cardiff are legendary all over Europe, and while many cities bemoan the disappearing old style pubs and bars, Cardiff has a plethora of these quaint establishments. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a whole range of options, from theater, clubs as well as some pulsating nightlife. Bars, pubs and clubs apart, you can also visit some cultural attractions all over the city. You can also spend time shopping; there is a multitude of retail locations. Among the top shopping havens in the United Kingdom, Cardiff has three main arcades, as well as two streets that are famous as shopper’s paradises, St Mary Street and Queen Street.

Where to Stay

There is a whole range of accommodation options in Cardiff. From luxury hotels to the budget traveler destinations, there is no dearth to quality accommodations when you are in Cardiff. Bed and Breakfasts are reasonable options for travelers on budgets.

How to get to Cardiff

Cardiff Airport serves the city of Wales. This provides connection flights to the whole of Wales, as well as to other countries. About 16 kilo meters from Cardiff.

Via Rail
An excellent railway station has connections to and from Glasgow, Birmingham Newcastle, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, London, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester.

Via Bus
The well – run bus service has reasonable services to other cities.

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